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Our Forever One

Togetherness is a feeling of closeness to other people; love is an intense feeling of deep affection- both brought together in shades of Red and Green, filled around us and that’s our paradise. Our university, like others, is a place filled with various emotions, but what makes it unique and dazzling? Yes, of course, it’s us, the students. During this pandemic, we have not been able to shed our affection properly, but we hope that in time we’ll be able to.

Besides providing us with many things along with its prestigious touch, CEG exposed us to numerous fields we require to know about to face the real world. Initially, we were worried about our studies and progress, finding it difficult to adjust to college life, but they have managed it smoothly, and in hindsight, it is not as complicated as we once thought. We now have the opportunity to enjoy new things, mingle with new friends and adapt to various outlooks through a moulded site. Amazing it is as even dew there sheds some light on us. No wonder it transcends all boundaries within our nation. 

Harmony is when the breeze passes by every sunrise, and we’re ecstatic when we head from our hostel to our classes, seemingly, a daily routine. But, as we enter the hostel mess, sometimes we remember that we forgot to buy our stationery, so we rush to Gurunath and realize that the class will start in ten minutes; we run to our department, and when we reach it on time, we realize that there is the availability of shuttle vehicle for students. It is humorous- the act of reflexively reaching our department by time is what our college does to us. While few are celebrating in the auditorium, few are experimenting in the lab. We feel as though we are a kid in a candy shop when we’re drained after the lab and head towards the canteen because we are indecisive about what we want to purchase.

Our love for CEG can never be questioned. It has always been our home, a place of worship, a teammate to the ones in the field, and a partner to the ones behind the books. Our seniors have explained to us that these four years are not just time spent in an institution, but that they prepare us for life. It is astonishing, because our college’s perspective in defining our future scope enhances our ability to make progress toward our goals. Since CEG has made our every day in it blend into a poem, why not end this article with a poetic comment?

 “As opposite ones attract and like ones repel, but here’s an exception, as even when we aren’t thinking of our One, it remains forever etched into us.”

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