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Our First 'Last Day' - Final Year Diaries

Here it is, our first 'Last Day'

In the College Life.

You click your last picture

After 1335 Days.

The time has come

And what do we not try to miss,

The 'no service' Red Building mode,

The cheapest canteen food on planet Earth,

The ever-lost 5Rs in the cafeteria,

The coolest and colourful campus, 

The deafening days during Agni and Techofes,

The matrimonial outfits during symposiums,

The biriyani on our buddy's department fest.

No! It's not what I actually miss.

What I miss are those days,

When we decide to study the entire night

but end up gossiping till its bright,

When I bet on the lyrics of a song

was it dong dong or bong bong,

When talking to my friend’s enemy was 

nothing but a pure treason,

When saving the maggi from monkeys

Was a cheetah run,

When writing assignments for three copies

All over the night was fun if it's for my foe,

When the halls are quiet for lectures

and the parking lot is empty on night outs,

When my crush smiles at me,

and the one I fought waves 

and I say, "Why did we fight"?,

Riddles and rumours, gossips and giggles,

The Brown tag with no place for all those badges,

Assessments and hidden mobile phones.

As I walk around the last day, 

I try not to cry

For the years I spent here.

Every beautiful beginning

goes through an adventurous journey,

With a sad ending

And a better future.



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