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When we talk about perspective, people often refer to the positive and negative aspects of certain objects or notions. But what we fail to understand is that perspective is not just black or white; a grey shade always exists in between. Once, a poet was invited to the inauguration of a large pharmacy in a city. Everyone else who attended the ceremony was captivated by the massive size of the shop. But the poet exclaimed about how many diseases have evolved over the years, which demand the need for such a pharmacy. 

You may wonder why simple thoughts are often portrayed as highly significant. But it is those simple thoughts with a unique perspective, which have brought about great revolutions. If Mark Zuckerberg had not viewed study groups differently, Facebook would not have been founded. If Jeff Bezos had not thought of a modern way for retail shopping, the idea of Amazon would not have been born. In our life, we encounter many hurdles. Some of us try to overcome it, while many give up when it gets too rough. Often, a hurdle can only be crossed if we look at the problem from a different viewpoint. Likewise, arguments can surely be resolved if we try to see it from another's perspective.

The way we look at things does create an impact. That does not necessarily mean that everything is positive all the time. Instead, we need to understand and acknowledge that everything can be accepted, dealt with, overcome, and progressed from. Our brains are continuously subjected to sensations from sights and sounds, physical feelings from our external surroundings, as well as emotions and ideas arising from within. It is how we choose to interpret these sensations which makes an enormous difference. 

Sometimes, we only need to take a step back and view life from a different point to discover new hidden opportunities. Just as we cannot see a rainbow when it is behind the clouds, possibilities will seem buried and non-existed, and our progress stagnated if we do not widen the doors to the world around us. 

Time and again, it has been proven that amidst the greatest difficulties, lie some of life's greatest opportunities. Still, it can be reached only by those who view it from the mountain's right vantage point. This point is not fixed for everyone, varying based upon an individual's mindset. Some people see success as luck, fate, and destiny, while others believe that their hard work helps them succeed. After all, it is an optimistic view that makes people achieve incredible feats.

In the end, our reality is self-defined. It is how we see life, respond to it, and play its game, which determines how the journey of life pans out for us. Let us get a better insight into different perspectives, broaden our views, and thereby lead a happy and meaningful life. For, as popularly quoted by the renowned speaker Wayne Dyer - "When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." 

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