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‘MECH’ing A Difference

Scientists dream of things that transcend human imagination and engineers often implement these things. Nothing exemplifies the above better than Mechanical Engineering - the discipline involving the study of machines. The Society of Mechanical Engineers, CEG (SME), an entirely student run organization comprising all those passionate about the subject, is one of the oldest mechanical coordination groups in the country. The SME has successfully reinvented itself every year and has scaled new heights, mainly due to the supportive nature of the faculty and the keen desire of the students to succeed. With the past successes in mind, the Society of Mechanical Engineers formally inaugurated their agenda and plan of action for the academic year on 1st September at the Tag auditorium, CEG.

The theme of the event was “Mech It Green”, in line with the current climate change crisis. Mr Senthilkumaran, President, Society of Mechanical Engineers, delivered the opening address and welcomed the chief guest, Mr Srivats Ram, Managing Director of Wheel India Pvt. Ltd. Mr Ram was presented with a sapling, a symbolic gesture of the SME’s commitment towards environmental protection. The Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr Mohan, then provided an analogy to Moore’s law by saying that the doubling of computing power with every passing year further necessitated the importance of a cleaner, greener world. Following this, the QMS Secretary of the SME, Mr Annamalai proposed the agenda for the year 2016-17. Amongst the many plans of action, the proposed intra-departmental cricket match was received warmly.

Mr Srivats Ram opined that times were fast changing and that the world of engineering had moved from being domain-specific to a congregation of disciplines. He further emphasised the need for Indians to strive for the best and take step function improvements rather than incremental steps to achieve the same. He concluded his rousing speech by asking students to focus on aesthetic quality and the difference between good enough and the best. The event concluded with the vote of thanks, proposed by Dr. Adhikesavan, the Treasurer of the SME.

It was a truly informative and inspiring event, which left every student present with a burning desire to strive for the pinnacle of success. Similar to the logo of the Society of Mechanical Engineers, which depicts a hand with a spanner, the minds of students are armed with power of knowledge to overcome the challenges in today’s world.

The Guindy Times wishes the Society of Mechanical Engineers all the best for its future endeavours.



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