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Magic of Books

Books are real magicians, and to understand the nature of their exquisite magic, we need to understand the meaning of the word reading. To most, reading is the act of continuously looking into a series of written symbols and unravelling the secrets behind them. The abundance of reading is only found with the continuous perusal of books.

Books can take good care of us. We know that our head and heart are valuable vessels that can influence our life by all means, and books can often be the forces that move them. Books can turn loneliness into solitude, and help us recover from whatever hardships we may face. They put forward novel thoughts to us and help us develop great personalities. Today's readers are indeed tomorrow's leaders.

Additionally, reading can evoke poignant emotions from within, as books are the amalgamation of feelings. Books allow us to see things from a different perspective in most situations and can help us better tackle them when we deal with something similar in real life. When we understand these situations better, we will be able to put ourselves in the shoes of others and helps avoid misunderstandings. Reading bestows on us proper virtues, and as we continue to read, we can create a safe haven from all our woes in life. Books will polish our miseries to form experiences that shine like diamonds.

Furthermore, reading books is a habit that will help us improve our concentration power. It helps us to train our brain to focus and live in the present. Books allow us to explore topics and deeply immerse ourselves in scenarios we would never have thought of usually. It gives wings to our imagination and enhances our creativity. Moreover, for English enthusiasts, books can vastly increase our vocabulary. Reading gives our brain a workout, providing us with the correct breaks and motivations we need. It is even scientifically proven that book reading can reduce stress and boost sleep.

Many inspiring personalities have had their skills sharpened with the help of books. Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has even attested to reading 50 books a year. As Warren Buffet said, if we read, our knowledge builds up like compound interest. Books can spark up ideas and passion within us that we never knew we had. When we read books, we get close to shaking hands with other great people who have experienced it. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, it is easier to get into reading than ever before. We can listen to audiobooks and read e-books at our convenience.

All in all, books can make us empathetic, humble, kind and gentle while also simultaneously giving us some solid knowledge. It is time to read more, learn more, and go on adventures as we read to develop into the best version of ourselves. If you are not reading already, now is the best time to get started. Happy reading!

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