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Listen Carefully

Here, take your number,

Wear it proudly on your chest,

If you don’t,

How will they rate you, and the rest?

Hold it clearly,

Don’t be fooled,

The judgment was never overruled.

Carry it with you,

Leave behind the thoughts,

Dreams are nothing but blots

on the parchment of merit.

Show your devotion,

Shed some blood,

You know what goes behind

the scenes of promotion.

Guard it with your life,

With all that it takes,

You can mend later what breaks.

Average it, add it,

Flaunt it whenever you can,

Like it’s a new Sedan.

Ask your father if he can buy it,

If he can, then stop reading,

Sorry for misleading.

If you still care to peruse,

Don’t believe everything on the news,

Freedom isn’t yours to pursue,

Not everyone can sue.

So read on with caution,

Take every precaution,

Remember, it’s all in the numbers.

In a leap,

You will fall out,

But have no doubt,

This is how you succeed.

Listen blindly, see quietly,

Questions won’t arise.

Tell them too,

Those who cannot hear,

It is divine to adhere.

Point by point,

Hold your number taut,

There is nothing left to be taught.

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