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Knowledge Park vs Chlorophyll Cafe

Anna University, stretched over 125 acres area, is one of the humongous places in the Chennai city. It holds so much within these 125 acres, to say, stores, a restaurant, banks, a library and canteens that cater to all our needs and wants like most of the universities do. But, if we take a close look, there are two places to which faculties and students are all attracted alike. The Cafeteria near Knowledge Park and CEG's newbie Chlorophyll Cafe are the topics of discussion here. They differ in many ways but one thing that brings these opposites together is that they have become an indispensable part of CEGians' lives.


This basically resembles street-side food shops. It sells all spicy eatables like Maggi, sandwiches and burgers. When it comes to beverages, the choices offered are very few. But they don't provide drinking water which brings people into buying them despite this lack of choices. The price is also quite affordable and the quality worth the price. They employed good business tactics by setting it up near Knowledge Park, the place where classes for various departments are held.


This cafe is situated near the Institute of Ocean Management. Started as a canteen for that department, it has an extraordinarily good infrastructure and air-conditioning that stands as a reason for its popularity even within a few weeks after it is started. Unlike the former, it has a look of a restaurant. It is believed that it is built for the workers hustling there, but one can see students occupying it in major proportion. But despite its widespread popularity and good infrastructure, it cannot be preferred at all times by all the students as it is situated in a remote place. The menu here completely differs from that of the cafeteria near the Knowledge Park. It also offers a wide range of choices when it comes to beverages. It is renowned for the fresh juices. The most sought-after juice here is the one made from pomegranate. It also provides meals apart from some snacks items.


      The cafeteria near Knowledge Park is very popular and widely preferred due to its proximity as stated above but despite being a newbie, Chlorophyll Cafe becoming equally popular, makes it seem like they are arch-rivals. But the fact is that they are not. They complement each other and we love both of them. They never fail to appease our senses. The people who started it and are responsible for their maintenance indeed deserve a hearty congratulations from us.

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