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Kaaki Sattai : Review

Cast: Sivakarthikeyan,Sridivya,Imman annachi,Yaog japee

Director: Durai Senthilkumar

Genre: Cop Drama

Storyline: An honest cop discovers a case which may change his life forever.

     When I stumbled upon the first look of the movie a year back, I thought ‘Who cares about him?(Sivakarthikeyan)’, but seeing the kind of response which he can garner from the people left me dumbfounded. People just don’t scream their heads off when they see an actor,t hey only do it for stars....so it brings me to the question...Has Sivakarthikeyan reached a status quo in k-town??..continue reading the review to unearth the key.

    Mathimaran(Sivakarthikeyan)is an upright constable who aspires to become an inspector one day. The current inspector (Prabu) is the evil minded good man who releases criminals on the word of a politician and gobbles up the retrieved goods from a thief...surely we have a flashback for him...yeah. His inspirational challenge makes Mathimaran want to prove his guts and he catches an illegal organ donation racket. How the protagonist solves the case and wins over his higher officials forms the crux of the story.

    The cop's lady love Divya (Sridivya) has got a role of substance edging away from the sterotypic song constrained ladies. She helps the cop in unravelling many clues to the mystery. Imman annachi masters his role to perfection. His comical timing and counter punches tickle the funny bone. The inclusion of a popular slogan from a whatsapp forwarded audio will make its fans go crazy. The comedy of the movie stands out at places.

    Sivakarthikeyan,you feel,has come of age with this transition from carefree youth to a daredevil cop. He has given his best performance till date. Though the movie seems a tad long, Shiva's energetic charisma carries the movie to the finish line.

    An important part of the victory goes to Anirudh's musical score. This guy can come up with some commercial beats to energise the audience. Bgm in the interval sequence needs a special mention. Hats off!

    Summing up, Kaaki Sattai is for those who need to see a good commercial movie from a rising star whom everyone fondly calls "Siva anna"...





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