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k!16 begins

Bring out your big guns, this year's online battle of Kurukshetra commences tonight when the clock strikes 8!            

             'Riddles of Sphinx' aka ROS, is the largest online treasure hunt of Asia. If you are the kind who wants to ride through mighty mazes and perplexing puzzles with the comfort of lying inside your room and staring at your own PC, then BANG! ROS is your homeground. Celebrated for its entangled nature, never easy competence and, more importantly, it's fun trivia, the event primarily fosters on testing your lateral thinking, underlying patience, and of course your incredible googling skills. For all you greenhorns, ROS requires nothing more than infinite patience and infinite enthusiasm. Contained within the hunt are a series of levels with verbal, visual and audio hints, teasing your grey cells to unlock the maze and ace the race to be crowned the "Master of all treasure Hunts".

Link:    http://ros.kurukshetra.org.in/

The Trial Run will commence today (22/1/2016).

The Main Hunt will commence on 29/1/2016.



Events in line are:

Category: individual

Dalal Bull: Dalal Bull, is the official stock market event of k! Join the online event to show off your prowess in investing strategies and try to overcome the Gambler’s ruin.

Bank Robbery: Unravel riddles, solve puzzles, decipher crypts, find a way through the maze and keep racing against time, all the way to robbing a bank! The contest will have two rounds on two different days. Those selected from round 1 will proceed to round 2.

Online Programming Contest: Do you eat, sleep and dream code? Breathe, run and fight code? You DO? Then, this is the game for you! Code your way to glory at Kurukshetra's Online Programming Contest. It is an ACM-ICPC style programming contest. It is an individual event open only to college students.

Category: multiplayer

Sherlock: This famous multiplayer event is happening for the 3rd time and promises to spice up your senses like never before. Each team must consist of exactly 2 members.

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