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The Lockdown can be an extremely frustrating and trying time for all of us. It isn’t uncommon for us to feel isolated and lonely when experiencing little to no human contact. Getting over quarantine boredom can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Here are some fun and interesting activities that we can try to keep ourselves entertained:

  1. Hone a new skill. 

Being stuck indefinitely inside your house or hostel, there’s no better time than to learn a new skill. Be it baking, learning a new language, channelling your inner Picasso, sharpening your musical abilities, accidentally cutting all your hair off whilst attempting a fringe, vlogging on YouTube, or all of the above, lockdown gives us ample time to explore our interests and a great opportunity to discover things you’re good at (and not so good at). Moreover, time flies when you’re having fun!

  1. Take a Virtual Tour.

Spending our days confined within the walls of our house (or room) makes us miss traveling, more than we ever did. If you feel you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, a great way to satiate your desire to travel is to take a virtual tour. From the skyscrapers of Dubai to the Egyptian pyramids, to the stratosphere, virtual tours give us surreal experiences right from the comfort of our homes. Here’s to trying to maintain our sanity till we’re allowed to travel again!

  1. Learn First Aid.

Equipping yourself with First Aid knowledge is extremely beneficial, especially in times of emergency. Spending time during lockdown to learn such a vital skill would be very helpful in the future, and can potentially save someone’s life. Additionally, knowing first aid is valuable in spreading awareness to those around you. If you’re so inclined, you can even schedule mock drills with your roommates/family! 

  1. Make Masks.

Some of us may be spending the lockdown cleaning out our closet. Why throw away clothes you cannot donate, when you can upscale them to serve a real purpose? Stitching masks out of old and worn-out clothes that you may usually throw away, helps us realise how many potentially recyclable items we have thrown away needlessly in the past. Making a DIY cloth mask (if you have the necessary tools) helps you get through what feels like eons while creating something useful out of said time. Plus, in our current situation, you can never have too many masks.

  1. Schedule an online Karaoke Session.

Missing our family and friends is arguably the worst part of quarantining. For those of us struggling to remain calm with limited human contact, a fun karaoke session on any online video-calling platform is bound to guarantee at least a temporary fix. Karaoke is never boring; it’s a sure-fire way to instantly lift our spirits up, helping us sing our worries away. For those of you who don’t like karaoke- don’t fret, there are plenty of games you can enjoy playing with your friends/family virtually too!

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