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Journey To The Hollow


Conscience – a bright glow

gliding through the vast expanse of ice.

The world above

is all bright.

The world below

invisible and hidden.


The eyes which have seen

only colour so far

open wide in agony.

They catch a glimpse

of their first grey.


The ice cracks,

the glow flickers

and yet, I continue.


Time flows and events play.

They see no difference

between colour and grey.


The glow now swims

For all ice has cracked.

Turbulence is all that remains.

Desperately trying to rise,

yet the waves don’t play nice.


A tumultuous journey,

and black is all they remember.

The glow- now a pale glimmer

is put out

as the waves engulf it whole.


The colour, long forgotten;

the darkness, more inviting;

abysmal despair prevailing.

I sink further,

to never return.

To evil, I have succumbed.

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