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Journaling : An Essential Habit

Many of us know what journaling is and we understand there may be benefits to it, but how many of us take the time out of our busy days to journal? How many of us know how to journal? Journaling is an informal way of writing down our own thoughts and feelings. It is a way by which we open up about ourselves and our actions in a non-judgemental manner. Now you may ask, "Why should I journal?" or "What is the use of journaling?". These questions have very straightforward and eye-opening answers.

When we journal, we pen our raw thoughts and emotions and, while rereading, we get a clear understanding of ourselves. We live in an era where everything happens within the blink of an eye and our emotions get the better of us. Most of the time, we say things or ideas in a hurry without thinking. When we sit down and write about everything that happens, we get a more vivid idea about our own actions. Journaling is for undoubtedly meant for everyone. Additionally, it can help in strengthening memory and improving writing and communication skills. There are many hidden benefits in journaling that many of us fail to realize. 

Everyone has goals in life and everyone wants to achieve something in their life which is within the realms of their own capabilities. The vital question that arises is: how are we going to achieve those goals? This is where journaling comes into play; it helps us in tracking our growth and progress every day. Journaling gives us the self-confidence to believe in ourselves and gives us the self-assurance that we are treading the path that is right for us. Every journal entry is a footstep that we take on our journey. In times of hardship and difficulty, our journals provide us with a much-needed dose of inspiration and willpower to never give up.

The recent pandemic has been hard on all of us. Now more than ever, we have realized the importance of mental health and how important it is for us to speak out about mental health. In the last few years, people have lost their lives because of depression and guilt. All problems have solutions, and most of those people could have come up with solutions if they had written them down, shown them to others, such as trusted friends and family or professionals, and asked for their help. Depression and guilt are dangerous and we must learn to deal with these hurdles and attempt to overcome them, for which journaling is an effective way.

Everyone is unique in their own way, and everyone deserves credit for just being themselves. Writing down the experiences in life will give a sense of satisfaction and, most importantly, it could also help others learn from you, or it could help others find ways to help you. I hope I could kindle your interest in journaling!


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