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Intern Diaries 3.0: An Interview with Varun Dev

“Confidence is key!”


Varun Dev

Bachelor’s in Information Technology, Final year, College of Engineering Guindy.


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).


Interviewer: Vikram Balaji (GT)

Interviewee: Varun Dev


GT - How did you get to know about this internship?

Varun - I got to know about this intern through CUIC where they post information about the companies approaching our college. I got familiar with RBS and the opportunity they were ready to provide.


GT – Brief us on your experience during the selection process.

Varun - The selection process was spread over three rounds. The first round was competitive programming in which there were 2 problems and about 50 aptitude questions. I always find the first round quite challenging. I solved both the problems and got through the first round. The second round was group discussion for which they asked us to write down the algorithm of two problems. The last round was technical. They asked questions related to data structures and algorithms. They asked us to wait for an hour after the interview was over and then posted the results. I felt delighted and excited when I got to know that I was selected.


GT - What were the Challenges or the pressure you felt during the intern period?

Varun - It was the first time that I worked with such professionals in an organization so I felt a little nervous. On top of that, it was virtual and I didn’t want to disturb my manager. So, I felt a bit awkward while contacting him. I was also not very comfortable to form relationships with other interns.


GT - How was the work environment?

Varun - The work environment was gratifying. Due to the pandemic, we were all in touch with our managers through zoom. We had game sessions which turned out to be a cool and amusing experience. My managers kept motivating me so I felt driven and enthusiastic throughout. I truly relished this Internship.


GT – What’s your view on paying to get work experience as an unpaid intern?

Varun - I was really shocked when I first got to know about such internships. They are futile. There are really good firms that want us and are ready to give paid internships. If you are genuinely desperate to get the experience of an internship then go for the unpaid ones. There are good startup companies that are ready to give you a chance. These companies also incorporate a lot of new technologies which may help us gain experience.


GT - How should one search for an internship?

Varun - There are platforms like Internshala, as well as companies that are recruiting interns. Keep your profiles strong by mentioning your current technical knowledge on your fields of interest. Apply to your desired companies and they’ll approach you if they feel you’re fulfilling their job requirements.


GT - Would you recommend interning at RBS to any of your juniors? If yes, why so?

Varun - Yes, Definitely! I'd recommend RBS because it's a great place to start your career. People are very friendly and are open to the ideas you give. It was a six-week-long internship. It was a remarkable experience. I learnt a lot of new technologies and gained a lot of knowledge from the experts at RBS. I could also lay hold of skill in software development which I found quite interesting.


GT - What advice would you like to give to your juniors who are aspiring to be an intern?

Varun - I’d advise them to be confident and pull themselves together while handling situations. Confidence is the key. Feel free to contact your managers and converse with other people. That’s very important. You’ll be assigned to projects where your skills matter the most. You just have to keep your profile strong. If you have the required skills that the company is looking for, then you’ll definitely get hired. Keeping your profiles sound is very essential because it’ll make you stand out from others who are looking for the same job. Make use of this quarantine and skill up, but at the same time don’t pressure yourself too much.


GT – What’s your view on intern diaries series?

Varun – It's really invigorating to interview people who did an internship during this time. I think this will help and motivates juniors in gaining a perspective and an outlook on working in a company. I hope my answers will be of help to juniors.


The Guindy Times thanks Varun for spending his valuable time and wishes him all the best for his future endeavours.

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