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Intern Diaries 3.0: An Interview with Varsha Ramasamy

“Your attitude and determination matter more than your experience”


Varsha Ramasamy

Bachelor's in Information Technology, Final year, College of Engineering, Guindy


Fidelity Investments


Interviewer: Guru Nivash (GT)

Interviewee: Varsha Ramasamy


GT: Tell us about your interests. 

Varsha: Generally, I like reading tech articles on various blogs, to keep myself updated with the latest developments in technology.


GT: What is the difference between corporate and research internships? Is there any reason why you chose a corporate internship over a research-oriented one?

Varsha: The main purpose of a research internship is to deepen your understanding of a specific subject of interest in a certain field. On the other hand, in a corporate internship, you gain knowledge through a more practical approach.

I opted for a corporate internship, as it would give me more hands-on experience in the field of my interest. It might also help me secure full-time employment in the same field.


GT: What's the role of CUIC in internships? Apart from on-campus internships, where and how can we apply for internships?

Varsha: CUIC plays a major role in bringing a myriad of companies to the campus, giving each one of us opportunities to get placed in our dream companies.

Apart from this, by sharing your resume in various platforms like Internshala, LinkedIn or Sulekha, and requesting for an internship in your desired company can also be useful.


GT: When is the right time to start preparing for internships?

Varsha: There is no such thing as the ‘right time’ to start preparing for internships. Whenever you think you are ready to take up the challenge, devote your unwavering attention to it.


GT: What is your advice to prepare a proper resume? Also, how did you prepare for aptitude tests?

Varsha: According to me, a good resume should reflect who you are. It should accurately highlight your skills and credentials. Prepare your resume in a neat, presentable, and comprehensible manner.

For aptitude tests, I practiced on IndiaBIX- an online portal to check and improve your aptitude and reasoning skills.


GT: How did your seniors or alumni of CEG help you in the process of your internship?

Varsha: My seniors did play a major role. They constantly kept me updated about the topics to concentrate on. They shared some tips to prepare better for interviews. They also conducted mock interviews and coding tests, which were very helpful and are essential when you are preparing for internships. I’d advise students to be in touch with their seniors, as it will help them in such aspects.


GT: Do you think having a prior internship or project experience gives one a competitive edge over others in the selection process?

Varsha: It does add value to your resume. But does it give you an edge over others?

I don’t think so, as it is acceptable even if you don’t have any work experience at the end of the second year. But your attitude and determination to learn, matter more than your experience.


GT: What was the selection process in Fidelity like?

Varsha: It was composed of three rounds- coding, technical interview, and HR interview. For coding round, I practiced on GeeksforGeeks, HackerRank, and HackerEarth. In the second round, I was evaluated based on my technical knowledge. HR interview required good communication skills and a pleasant attitude.


GT: Why do you prefer Fidelity over other similar companies?

Varsha: Before the internship, I had no idea about the functioning of a company. The mentorship and guidance that I received from my team and the management, have helped me expand my intellectual and technical abilities. From a career-based perspective, Fidelity helps you to grow and evolve. So, for internships or placements, I’d definitely recommend Fidelity to my juniors.


GT: Walk us through the project you worked and the challenges you encountered in the process.

Varsha: My team members and I worked on Web Development. Initially, communication was the main issue. But under the guidance of my manager, it was sorted out and we had built a successful project by the end of the internship. We were also lauded when we presented it.  


GT: How did this internship benefit your career goals?

Varsha: Having interned with a reputed company like Fidelity, I have now added more value to my resume. It has also boosted my interest in this field. This internship was an eye-opening experience for me. It taught me how to have a systematic approach while developing projects and how to present it on a corporate level.


GT: What according to you are the pros and cons of a virtual internship?

Varsha: The advantage was that I was able to focus more on my work. Working hours were flexible and the commuting time was spared. However, social interaction was relatively less during this virtual internship. A major drawback was the network connectivity issue, for which I can’t blame anyone but myself. But the company was indeed supportive and helped me with that issue as well.


GT: Owing to the current situation and lockdown, students are stressed about their careers. What are the various opportunities to look out for, during this period?

Varsha: To overcome stress, I’d suggest practicing yoga every day. Doing certified courses on Coursera and other platforms will help add more value to your resume. Being in touch with your seniors and friends will help you explore various career opportunities and keep you updated on the same.


GT: What do you have to say about the Intern Diaries series?

Varsha: It is a great initiative taken by the Guindy Times, as it’ll help juniors to prepare for internships and placements. I hope the internship experience I’ve shared on this platform will be helpful to them.


The Guindy Times thanks Varsha Ramasamy for spending her valuable time in sharing her internship experience and wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.

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