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Intern Diaries 3.0: An Interview with Shenbageshwaran

“Learn to work with different software to keep up with the buzzing world out there!”


Bachelors’ in Chemical Engineering, Final year, ACT Campus.



Research on thermal and hydraulic management under an expert at Chevron, USA.


Interviewer: Pradhakshya JD (GT)

Interviewee: Shenbageshwaran


GT: Tell me about yourself and your passion for Chemical Engineering.

Shenbageshwaran: I am from a small village from the Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu. I thought engineering was my field as I am more inclined towards maths, physics and chemistry. I wanted to explore and take that up as my career. Indeed, the different subjects and projects under this course have ignited my passion for chemical engineering.


GT: How did you come to know about this internship?

Shenbageshwaran: I had approached Dr. Lima Rose Miranda, HOD of the chemical department, and expressed my interest to work for a project. She tested my skills and gave me a project to work on. Seeing my enthusiasm and effort put down for the project, she then gave me the contact details of an alumnus, Mr. Hari who is currently working in Chevron, USA (a petroleum-based industry). I attended a workshop conducted by his colleague in Chennai and expressed my interest and passion for this division. It was later in February 2020, he offered me an opportunity to intern at Chevron.


GT: What did you work on and how did the academic knowledge help you in this internship?

Shenbageshwaran: The internship was about thermal and hydraulic management in subsea systems. The ultimate aim was to check the pressure and temperature at the end of a 10km pipeline carrying crude oil, suggest the best thermal management strategies and compute the same. Fluid mechanics and heat transfer were the two primary subjects that helped me out a lot during this internship. Along with the academic knowledge, my mentor at Chevron taught me the required rudimentary skills to aid with my work at the organization.


GT: How was this internship done virtually? What are the challenges that you faced during this tenure?

Shenbageshwaran: The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t affect my internship. I had to mainly work with the data on MS Excel and develop a model; it was not a field related work as such. With regular virtual meetings, I could update him about my work and clarify doubts, while alongside, he would challenge me to come up with an efficient and feasible solution for the problem at hand. Indeed, this internship was an amalgamation of learning and experience.


GT:  How do you think one should prepare for prospects in this field?

Shenbageshwaran: I feel Chemical Engineering has really good prospects lately and in days to come. Petroleum is one of the most used products in our day-to-day lives and this field is very promising. I feel one should try out different fields and find their forte. Along with academic knowledge, we should also learn to work with different software like Python, MATLAB, etc to keep up with the buzzing world out there. If you have the passion and work towards it, you surely can achieve a lot in this field.


GT: Would you suggest this internship for your juniors and what are the special tips that you would give?

Shenbageshwaran: Build the right network. Do not hesitate to approach professors as they will be ready to help you out in any manner possible, be it contacts or even projects. Take some time to research and find out your field of interest and approach the right people accordingly. Also, you have to speak for yourself.


GT: What do you think about Intern Diaries?

Shenbageshwaran: Intern Diaries is a distinguished initiative and I feel it will help the juniors a lot. I don't think many know that approaching professors can indeed fetch you internships. I hope the juniors make the best use of this opportunity.


The Guindy times thanks Shenbageshwaran for his time and wishes him all the very best for his future endeavors.

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