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Intern Diaries 3.0: An Interview with Mehraj Fathima

“Consider internships in startup companies - The knowledge you gain would be enormous”


Mehraj Fathima

Bachelor’s in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Final year, College of Engineering, Guindy




Interviewee: Mehraj Fathima (MF)

Interviewer: Vasanth (GT)


GT: Can you give us more insights about the company you interned with?

MF: I interned at Sciencotonic, an NIT Trichy startup company, based on an e-learning platform for students that concentrates on research-based education. It envisions augmented reality-based learning and space for children to visualize their ideas.


GT: What are some key features that the HR team looks out for in a resume?

MF: They mainly look into your work experience and also focus on your areas of interest and the projects you have completed in your college. Don’t forget to add those details in your resume. Mentioning the responsibilities you hold in your college clubs, will boost your resume.


GT: How was the selection process for the Sciencotonic internship conducted?

MF: I applied for this internship through Internshala, an online internship and training platform. I added my resume on it. I received a call from the company asking me about my projects, skillsets and basic interview questions. Then, I had a technical interview in which I was asked to solve problem statements, followed by a group discussion.


GT: Tell us about the projects you were working on.

MF: During my second year, I did a project on the LoRa communication solar power plant. There is a solar power plant near the Mechanical department of our college. We were asked to send information from an inverter to the control center. We used LoRa modules since they are preferable for long-range communication. I had to test the field parameters such as time taken, speed and the distance in which data can be transferred. During my internship, I did a project called INMOOV, an open-source humanoid robot. I also got the opportunity to host a technical event, Agribotics during my internship. Students of age group 5-14 years were asked to make an automated greenhouse which provides necessary conditions for a plant to grow. We also made it to APJ Abdul Kalam Records Book by organizing 500 students in a greenhouse project at the same time.


GT: Share the experience and challenges you faced during the internship.

MF: Every day, I need to be creative with my ideas and suggest it to my superiors. My overall experience was very good with this company because we frequently had group discussions and meetings for interactions. It is very encouraging to know that my decisions and thoughts also played a key role in this process. I think this is one of the positive aspects of doing an internship with a startup.


GT: How does this internship have an impact on you?

MF: Working in a startup has helped me solve real-time problems and bring out a solution in every one of them. I have also learned not to give up until the very last instant and give everything I’ve got, to solve the problems at hand.


GT: What are your plans for the future?

MF: I plan to complete a master’s degree in Embedded Systems. I am currently preparing for my GATE exam as well.


GT: What is your advice to juniors?

MF: I’d suggest to find your area of interest and build skillsets accordingly. Do consider startup companies for internships, although you should expect a lower salary than you’d receive in an established firm. But, at the end of the day, the knowledge you gain would be enormous and would dwarf the lower pay aspect.


GT: What do you think about Intern Diaries 3.0?

MF: It enlightens pre-final year students about the internship process. Through this, students get valuable advice and insights on the preparation, selection process, work environment, and so on. The Guindy Times is doing a great job of providing this kind of exposure.


The Guindy Times extends its hearty gratitude to Mehraj Fathima for spending her valuable time and wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.

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