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Intern Diaries 3.0: An interview with Amritha

Every day is a day for learning, and the day we stop learning, we stop being relevant

Amritha Barade


Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Final year, College of Engineering Guindy (CEG)



Visual BI Solutions


Interviewer:  Sushrut Vinayak K (GT)

Interviewee: Amritha Barade


GT: Getting an internship is a dream for many students, and that too, one at Visual BI Solutions is a huge accomplishment. What was your thought process when the company offered you an internship opportunity?

Amritha: As a CSE student, you generally learn how to build new products and engineer new applications. So, when I was offered an Internship at Visual BI Solutions, I was elated, as the role offered much scope to learn, especially in the marketing and sales side of the deployment process.


GT: To get our hands on an offer, we understand that students must undergo many selection rounds. Could you please share with us your experience during each round?

Amritha: I was thoroughly assessed based on my application. As the organization liked my profile, I was contacted by the talent acquisition team. I was also put through a timed Lead-Generation assessment to make sure I was the right person. Then, I had a telephonic interview with the development manager, who made me aware of my roles and responsibilities. Finally, the talent acquisition team got in touch with me to inform me of my selection for the internship.


GT: How was it working for Visual BI Solutions? Can you briefly tell us about the nature of your job?

Amritha: It was physically and mentally challenging, as we had to work for long hours. I performed Lead Generation Marketing for its products, using sales and market intelligence tools, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator. I also had to enrich and cleanse the lead data to gain more insights.


GT: Were you asked to learn anything before you joined the company as a prerequisite?

Amritha: As Visual BI is a Business Intelligence company, I had to be familiar with different digital marketing campaigns and Business Intelligence Tools, such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and SAP. After joining the company, the immediate need was to learn more about its various BI product offerings to generate leads.


GT: How was the learning phase, as you had to go out of the box for the material? 

Amritha: What needs to be understood is that this cannot be learned in a structured, classroom-like setupIt is something that you must search for and learn. You will have to choose the best online courses available and work on them regularly. It is essential to remember that every day is a day for learning, and the day we stop learning, we stop being relevant. We must keep ourselves updated with the latest tools and technologies.


GT: How has the company impressed upon you? Having completed the internship, what did you like most about the company?

Amritha: I must say that interning at Visual BI Solutions was a fantastic experience. The need to keep ourselves updated every day, helped accentuate the energy manifold. I enjoy learning in general, and this process was enjoyable. I developed an excellent understanding of the B2B sales funnel, and I must say that this was a wonderful takeaway. I learned Lead Generation Marketing, and how to go about the process. I also gained a lot of experience working with various marketing and business tools. The work culture was pleasant and highly learning-oriented. There was a flat hierarchy, and everyone was approachable for any help or advice. This helped me achieve my goals and the company’s as well. We had to coordinate between members present at different geographical locations, which was challenging. But the team’s friendly nature helped ameliorate this process to a great extent.


GT: Many juniors are looking forward to doing internships in the present times. Can you give our readers a few tips about the preparation and mental space needed?

Amritha: My message to all the juniors is to never give up. It is essential to keep working hard, before and after bagging an internship. The urge to learn must always be kept alive, and we all must be ready to update ourselves about the latest cutting edge technologies and tools that are ruling the market.


The Guindy Times thanks Amritha for her time and patience and wishes her luck for her future endeavours.


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