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How Art Affects & Reflects The World

The title refers to literature and films that have served as a significant source of inspiration for people, both positively and negatively, over the years. Literature has played a crucial role in shedding light on the true face of society. The works produced in the aftermath of the 1947 partition have allowed people to explore the other side of the picture and dispel many myths surrounding the mass migration of people. However, such works have also sparked rivalries among certain groups.


We all know about Newton’s Third law of motion: 

“Each and every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” 

For every negative action, there is a positive reaction.


In 1947, the literature presented societal issues to people and provided enlightenment and healing. In the later years, literature started to create a healthy and tolerant space for common people, that is, for this society. 


As humans, we often engage in myth-making or meaning-making by attributing significance to our daily actions. This can result in some activities being mistakenly labelled as 'myths' or 'facts'. Some of these were broken by literature.              


An example of Victorian Era literature can be taken as it witnessed tremendous growth in the field of science. Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species”- a great emanation of scientific literature shook the very foundation of religious beliefs. It transformed man’s outlook on life. The knowledge that humans are ape-descendant caused a great upheaval in society. Those who did not believe the findings of Darwin were at least in a state of confusion. However, the advancement of science brought a shift to the value of life. 


When taking a look at films, it is evident that it has had a great impact on the changing social conditions all over the world. Films like Science Fair, which is related to education; First Reformed, which talks about environmentalism and personal responsibility towards societal problems- are good examples. 


Social conditions do not directly impact art forms. But it is in the hands of the people to decide whether the final impact is positive or negative, as literature is shaped by the activities of people. 


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