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Health & lifestyle Series Part-1

Human Body - A simple perspective.

This article aims to interpret traditional knowledge, education, and profession. As humans, we attempt to understand everything that we make use of in our lives. We need our body to go about our lives and we need to understand how it works. The wonder of the way our bodies work is a marvel of nature. When we speak of the human body, the first thing that pops into our heads may be the various organs and organ system diagrams that we’re familiar with from our elementary education.

Here are a few different perspectives that may intrigue the reader:

Traditional medical systems view the human body as a coordinated system of functions, rather than as an individual system with individually functioning organs.

We'll start with the basic character of a living body.

Intake and Excretion. Yes, you heard it right! These are the two fundamental activities that our body performs. Every function of the body comprises of these two. This happens from an individual cell to a whole body. A cell takes the required nutrients in and gives out the unwanted waste. As we know, cells form organs and organ systems.

The human body performs three main functions.

  1. Creation (உருவாக்குதல்)
  2. Maintenance/Healing (குணமாக்குதல்)
  3. Notification (அறிவித்தல்)


  1. Creation

This refers to the generation of useful energy and nutrients. Our body directly takes the required nutrient from the food and water we intake, and the air we breathe. If a certain nutrient is not available in our food, our body (the life force within) can create it with or without the help of other nutrients in food. Our internal life force is capable of all the creation in our body.

  1. Maintenance – (Healing/waste removal):

Wastes get generated in our body because of the metabolic process. This must be removed continuously which is the primary maintenance work of our body. Unremoved waste gets accumulated in our body, which forms the basis of all diseases.

Hence, waste removal is the primary treatment that is given by our body to itself, and our body finds all sort of ways to remove the accumulated waste.

In addition to the above, the maintenance work of our body includes resisting foreign objects, removing them after neutralizing them, repair of tissues in case of damage and recharge of lost energy.

The above two functions do not need our intervention and continuously take place from the moment we are born and ceases at death.

  1. Notification:

This is the part that requires our attention. Hence important to us.

Our body sends the following signals to us. So, we need to act accordingly.

  • Hunger
  • Sleep
  • Thirst
  • Rest

They are not just signals; they are commands from our body to us that can derail our health when ignored.

Most health problems are not caused overnight. They are the result of the prolonged injustice we do to our bodies by ignoring them.

We will see the importance of these four senses in the upcoming part.

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