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Ghosts in my Head

Here I stay.

Alone and astray.

Staring into the endless wall ahead.


And out of nowhere,

I hear a wail.

Is it a crying child, or the voice of the dead?


Left? Right? I hear it all around.

And all I see are fumes

As I crash onto the ground.


Inside my closet?

Or under my bed?

"Wherever you are, stay out of my head!!"


And now I run.

Blind and breathless, I ascend.

Trying to flee from the evil friend.


But here I am; locked.

I cannot get out.

I close my eyes and wait for the end.


Soon I realise:

I'm in an empty room.

There was no child, there were no fumes.


And yet again I stay.

Alone and astray. 

Staring into the mental prison ahead.


What was the sound?

Ghost, phantom, a hound?

Or was it a creation of my mind instead?


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