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'From Reality Shows to Playback Singing' - Sharing the couch with SUPER SINGER Fame Dhivagar Santhosh | AGNI 2018

Dhivagar Santhosh is the title winner of the reality show, Airtel Super Singer (season 4). He has never failed to mesmerize the audience and the judges through his performances right from day 1. Diwakar has also participated in other reality TV music competitions, including Zee Tamil's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2009 Challenge, Jaya TV's Hariyudan Naan, and season 2 of Sun TV's Sangeetha Mahayuddham. In 2012, Diwakar was crowned ‘runner up’ in Raj TV's Voice of Tamil Nadu. Diwakar recorded his first song as a playback singer for music director D. Imman for the movie 'Panchu Mittai'. However, his voice as a playback singer was first released in the Tamil language movie, Vadacurry, for a song co-sung by playback singers Vijay Prakash and Ajesh and there has been no looking back since then. He has worked with a number of music directors showcasing his talent in different genres of music.

The Guindy Times received an opportunity to interview this ever bubbly and energetic singer/performer at the concert night of Agni 2018.


Interviewer: Pradhakshya

Interviewee: 'Super Singer' Dhivagar Santhosh


GT:  First of all, welcome to Anna University! The whole world recognises you as "Super Singer Dhivagar  ". How do you feel being recognised like that?

Dhivagar  : Yes of course I'm recognized as "Super Singer Dhivagar  ". But now, I've tranformed myself from a Super Singer to a playback singer and I'm really proud to be called like that as all this fame and me, showcasing my talent to the world, is all because of Super Singer.


GT: Tell us about your Super Singer journey.

Dhivagar  : The Super Singer journey was more or less like a lesson to living our lifes. With all the obstacles that I had to overcome in order to make it to the Grand Finale and winning the title, I understood how much of effort it takes to attain one's goal.


GT: How and when did you start singing?

Dhivagar  : I've always loved music right from a very young age and it was only during my 8th grade that I started singing in my school during the Annual Day functions. After my college days, my friend and I teamed up to perform on various stages and it was only after super singer that I became a part of a band to perform in a more professional manner.


GT: How was it when you started recording songs under different music directors? Tell us more about that experience.

Dhivagar  : Oh! I used to jump with joy whenever I was called to record a song and it was such a great of a feel to meet such legends in the field of music and to work with them. The first opportunity was given to me by Imaan sir. He's such a gem of a person. He treats me just like his own brother. There was no sense of awkwardness; he gave my own space to learn and sing the song. He's indeed a down to earth person.


GT: You have worked with AR Rahman sir, the Maestro of Music. How was that experience?

Dhivagar  : (laughing) When Rahman had called me around 4-5 times unfortunately, I was not in town. But later he gave me an opportunity to work with him and sing a song for the movie "Kaatru Veliyidai". It was a different of kind of an experience working with such a legend who was also my favourite music director.


GT: How do you always manage to boost up all your songs with so much energy and life like that in the title song of Seemaraja?

Dhivagar  :  Everyone has their own style and structure of singing and putting in all my energy is exactly how I love to sing. Yes, it felt really great to have sung for Sivakarthikeyan Anna which made it even easier to put in my full efforts and energy.


GT: To which extent does your family support your musical career?

Dhivagar  : My parents have been my pillars of support right from the start. They have always believed in me and have told me to take up something that I was interested in and passionate about. They never forced anything on me. It's all of their support and their blessings because of which I'm here today.


GT: If not music, then which would’ve been your field of profession?

Dhivagar  : That’s a tough question! I was always interested in sports and I played football. So I guess I would have gone to the field of sports, if not for music.


GT: What would your advice be, to the upcoming singers? Are reality shows important to boost one's career?

Dhivagar  : Remember everyone has a special talent. Not just singing, but it’s very important to work on strengthening whatever we are good at and grabbing all the opportunities that come our way. It's these opportunities that help us evolve, improve and attain our goals. A reality show is just another medium through which you can showcase your talent to the outside world. Again it's all about how well you use the opportunity and strive for the best.


GT: You had performed for us during our last Agni too. What are you expecting this time? And how do you like the crowd here at Anna University?

Dhivagar  : To be honest, the crowd here at Anna University is one of the best audiences I've ever performed for. The students here love all the genres of songs that I perform and that indeed boosts my energy. I'm really grateful to the students to have called me for the second time and I've put in so much more ideas and efforts to make the concert night much better and different than the previous time.


GT: Thank you so much for answering all the questions with utmost patience and all the very best for your performance!!

Dhivagar  : My pleasure.

The Guindy Times thanks Dhivagar Santhosh for his time and also the SA-AS of CEG for arranging the interview session for us during the concert night of AGNI 2018.

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