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A report on Freshmen'18

On the 29th of January 2018, the Society of Mechanical Engineers conducted FRESHMEN ’18 to welcome the budding purple tag Mechons to the Department of Mechanical Enigineering.

The event began on an inspirational note with the address of the acting Head of the Department, Dr Nagarajan. He advised the students to not just stick to the book but rather think out of the box and apply knowledge gained. He told the students what companies expected from them and that they must develop both technical and communication skills. He concluded his speech by wishing the purple tags luck on their beautiful journey through college!

Then Archana, a fourth year student spoke about the history of the mechanical department and the two prestigious symposiums, Ascension and Pinnacle.  This was followed by a speech by Prasanna, a fourth year student, about this year’s edition of Pinnacle, which also happened to be its Golden Jubilee. He also advised the Purple Tags to join various clubs in CEG and explore different domains. Then Dhanish Ahmed, a fourth year, advised the juniors to voluntarily participate and work in the Society of Mechanical Engineers. He also told the new Mechons to do various projects and advised them to approach the Centre for Technology Development and Transfer for help in funding.

The Orange tags then conducted some fun events like variety shows, magic shows and many more for the audience. This was followed by a heart warming musical performance by three orange tags. One of the 3rd year student then performed a Silambam stunt which left the juniors awe-struck.

The event ended on a fun note with the seniors announcing Mister and Miss Mechon among the purple tags. On the whole the freshers felt a new sense of belonging and passion to fulfil the dream they have come to achieve.

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