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Freshers' Club Orientation

The club orientation for Freshers at CEG was held on August 20th in the Vivekanandha Auditorium. The annual event is basically an introduction and induction to the various clubs and their activities on campus.

With around 15 clubs that specialize in their respective fields, it helps first years understand what each club offers and choose which ones they want to be a part of in the next 4 years. Each club comes forth with a presentation that is set out to impress juniors and try and persuade them into joining their club. While the juniors are full of enthusiasm as they not only get to sit back and relax while the seniors try their best to promote their club, but they also don’t have to attend the afternoon classes.

This year in the first session, “Theatron” kick-started the orientation with a small play and a promo that spoke about theatre and the club's achievements. Siruthuligal, Green Brigade, Aakrithi and Rotaract club had neat presentations that highlighted the causes they stood for. The tamil club Madhavam's promotional trailer “Tamil Enge?” was definitely one of the most enterprising and thought-provoking videos. Sruthilaya being the official band of the college had one of their lead singers singing popular tamil tunes while their guitarist played along.

Another highly appreciated promo belonged to the variety dance troupe CEG Spartanz. With their name rolling out in Arabic font like that in Vishwaroopam and the theme song of the movie blaring through the opening of video and clippings from shows they had been on and much more. The LitClub, CSAU and Jugaad, are already pretty self-explanatory so the presentation only further enhanced what they stood for and put forth their role and activities. In an attempt to do something different GT had our own “paper boy” who came into the auditorium riding a cycle and throwing out rolled copies of 'The Guindy Times'.

To attract more students clubs even offered goodies for everyone who joined. Once the presentations got over, students came outside the hall to enroll in the various clubs. This was also quite eventful as 2nd, 3rd and final year students put their final efforts to make students join their club. Some tried to explain what their club was, some exaggerated on benefits gained in their club, few others just coolly sat behind their desks in the belief that their promos had done their job.

From having seen the club orientation as a fresher last year to standing as a second year student marketing clubs this time, these were a few noteworthy things.

  1. If any club's promo has a popular song that means you've reached a wider audience.

  2. If THALA Ajith or Vijay is mentioned, you WILL hear screams.

  3. If Powerstar is mentioned, just expect the cheers to get louder :P

  4. Melting hearts could also translate as enrollments.

  5. Basically all clubs are trying to show-off.

  6. There are too many clubs in college. (You could lose track)

  7. The excitement does die down.

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