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Fortune from mishap

The woeful ballads sung his praise,
The way he bought his grace.
Not Almighty was of help,yet he
Made his fate.

People know his name as Joe,
Yet unknown of his woe.
The slender limbs and growling tummy
Hide in his tattered dress.

Clanking spanners and rusted pipes,
Were His sorrow wipes.
For he made a peaceful slumber,
By running errands as a plumber.

Joe spend his days idle,
in the scorching heat.
peeking in the coins he had,
counting the sum of pennies.

On one such day,he walked
his way,counting coins again.
a stone on path,tripped him off
strolling pennies into a pond.

He cried "Oh god",wept so hard

thinking of his fate.
With no more hope,he leaped
forward,singing in melancholy.

A toddler saw joe throwing coins,
Into the pond and cry “oh god”.
So he too threw a coin,
And cried “oh god” aloud.

Soon people too became so fond,
Throwing coins into the pond.
Wishing luck to be With those who
throw a coin and cry “oh god”.

The pond had pipes that draw
Sewage from the town.
Soon these coins started to,
Pile up on the ground.
The coins started to choke,
The pipes that were draining sewage.
The water started to stagnate,
In and around the town.

The people panicked cluelessly,
What shall be done to solve.
As their deary homes were filled
With dreary sewage now.

The poor joe who walked on road,
Drew hope in the mind of mob
As he was the only one,
Who knows the pipes under ground.

Joe assured to solve the mess,
For three bags of silvers.
The Mob accepted with no choice left,
For Joe can only solve this quest.
Joe went beneath the pond,
And found the pile of coins
with amusement he came to know,
What has happened now.

Soon he grabbed all the coins,
and filled them in his bags.
Five bags were not enough,
To empty pipes thoroughly.

With pipes been freed,
The sewage drained from town.
The people were relieved at last
And paid Joe’s reward.

With all his wealth
Till last breath,
Joe lived a peaceful life
with his child and wife.

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