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If we could pause time

In the house of old Granny Belle
Ticks away the ancient Grandfather clock
Granny Belle whiling away time
Knitting a teeny weeny sock.

Lo and behold, stops the Grandfather clock
“Oh baby Belle, time hasn’t been good to you!”, it mocked.
Granny Belle just in shock, blacks out.

As she opens her eyes, she is at a loss for words.
Stuck in a time where she once wasn’t heard.
Near her now late husband’s bed
Shacky hands right before he left this bleak world
Tears welling in her eyes
She spoke what her heart felt.

Bright lights flashed and before she could make a dash
She saw herself in a hospital gown
Her hair in a messy bun
Eyes tired but completely filled love
Holding a beautiful baby, her very own son.
She went near and kissed her one.

In a second teleported again
Frozen in time, a moment she wanted to relive multiple times.
Her wedding day was where she was at.
Beautifully her wedding dress sat.
Her father, though his hair turning grey
Still hesitant to send his daughter many many miles away.

Ding dong goes the Grandfather Clock.
“And here we go again!”, Granny thought.
This time to a memory that was not very well registered.
A starry night, hand in hand with all the friends she had
Gossiping about the young man dressed in all black.
She wondered now, what had happened to all of them.
Looked at her smile, so innocent, just so wild.
And there goes again the magical, mysterious clock.

Still unable to comprehend
Now sitting in the same house, but still things felt off
It was Christmas eve and as she looked around
Saw little Belle sitting on the ground next to the Grandfather clock.
Mother in the kitchen, stuck in time, checking on the pie
Father in the driveway, shoveling snow, snowflakes frozen in the sky.
“Oh the irony”, Granny Belle chuckled.
And in all this madness the Grandfather clock went, “Tick tock, ma’am buckle up.”
And there goes Granny Belle, back to her home.

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