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Fitting in

When we hear the phrase ‘Fitting in’, it is not quite as easy to imagine the extent of pain, fear or emotional facades it can encompass.

Throughout our lives we work so hard, trying to mold ourselves into the perfect puzzle we imagine this world to be. But what we fail to realize, is that we are a beautiful wholesome puzzle by ourselves. Trying to fit into THIS imaginary, worldly puzzle, we lose a part of OUR perfect little puzzle.

Well, what happens after all the hard work to fit in bears fruit? Do we live happily ever after, like a fairy tale? Or is it the stark reality that we shrink more, and more, and more, to continue fitting into this so-called flawless world, hardly noticing the cracks forming in us?

The hard hitting truth is that we indeed shrink more, to ‘belong’ to this never ending puzzle and lose our unique identities en route,  realizing it only when it is painfully late. Well, what happens then? Do we start to mend ourselves and search for the lost pieces? Not really. Old habits die hard. We become insecure to show our cracks, our weaknesses,  and proceed to conveniently cover it up with ‘perfect’ masks.

After years of tormenting our soul, we finally break. Our identities are shattered into a million little pieces, that we are left to pick up on our own. Where do you think are those people, for whom we put ourselves through so much? Look ahead. They are picking up their own pieces.

What are these unnecessary struggles for? To fit in with a bunch of people who you don't truly know? Sometimes, we have to realize that being alone is okay. Being alone and enjoying your own company is far better than being lonely in the process of trying to fit in. Let us find pleasure in our own company, rather than waiting for others. Let us try to remove our masks and proudly show to the world our broken selves lying beneath. Let us stop creating a Utopian society for the pleasure of our eyes, and instead start building a community, where we get to choose for our heart and soul, and where no one is afraid to wear their imperfections.


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