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Farewell Poem

As the dying embers of the bonfire wink,

Casting eerie shadows across the deserted plain.

Despite the somber situation, we still remember the link,

While forging through equal gain and pain.


The day we have been dreaming of is finally here, too fast,

Far sooner than any of us had anticipated.

Nevertheless, we smile through our countless of ‘one lasts’,

Partaking in traditions new and old, simply excited.


The bittersweet knowledge of the inevitable dictating our actions,

With the fear of the near future looming in dreary and dark,

We grasp at straws to hold on to our passion.

Hoping that we will eventually leave our mark.


Reviewing through memories, we cherish the good ones,

We thank our lucky stars for the blessings bestowed.

Forgoing the blemishes, recalling only the fun,

We may have perhaps finally cracked the mysterious code!


Perhaps certain things do ‘Open at the close’.

And while we may all have made it to the end of our journeys,

It’s time for new beginnings, not just adios.

And we will continue to persevere, no worries.

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