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Enthusiastic students, inspiring talks and more! - Inauguration of Krysta’16

The evening of 29th September 2016 saw the inauguration of Krysta'16, an intra-college technical symposium conducted by the Society of Materials Science Engineers (SMSE) at Henry Maudslay Hall in the Mechanical department. The inauguration was graced by the presence of the students and distinguished dignitaries.

Dr.M. Pradeep Kumar, Associate Professor DME, and President of SMSE, welcomed the gathering, introducing the guests - Prof.K.A. Padmanabhan, Professor of Eminence, DME and Dr.Prathap Haridoss, Professor,Dept. Of MME IIT-M, Chennai, who were felicitated by the staffs of SMSE. This was followed by the Presidential address by Prof. Padmanabhan who enlightened the audience on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) which is rapidly developing in the field of Materials Engineering. ICME aims to enable optimization of materials, manufacturing processes and component design long before components are developed by integrating computationally the processes involved in a holistic system. He spoke about the commercially available platform for ICME highlighting the incentives. He gave an elaborate speech on phase field modelling to predict microstructure evolution and deformation modelling to study plastic deformation and damage. He also shed some light on materialization and objective of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS).

The Chief Guest, Dr.Prathap Haridoss, was cordially invited to address the gathering. He began his speech with the words, "As a professional you choose, not adjust". He specified the tremendous challenges faced by engineers in their respective fields. He held an interactive session citing real-world examples.

After the session, Mr.J.Deni Joe (General Secretary, SMSE) gave a detailed view on Krysta and Materials Science and Engineering. He ended his speech with a quote,"When the goal is to gain experience, knowledge and perspective, failure is no longer a possibility.”

Asst.Prof Dr.D.Sangeetha, DME (Treasurer of SMSE), concluded the event with a vote of thanks. She specially thanked the chief guest for his inspiring and illuminating talk. The event came to an official end with the National Anthem.

Krysta'16 consisted of six on spot events and two online events. There was one technical workshop based on the design, fabrication and packaging of MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems), which took place on October 1st.



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