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ENANTRA 3.O - The Inside Story

Enantra 3.O is an annual entrepreneurship fest for students across the state conducted by Capitalize, Anna University. This year, the fest is happenning between Feb 7 and 10. Let's hear what the team has to say to their target audience about their journey through Enantra from 2017.

Interviewer: Tejaswini R and Ishwarya A G

Interviewee: Jebin, Muthuvel & the Team behind Enantra 3.O

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GT: When did you guys start the work for Enantra?

Enantra Team: The work started right after the end of last semester, around November. Before that, we had AU Bazaar, once we closed it down, we kick-started the Enantra work.

GT: How does this benefit our college ?

Enantra Team: It's 2019, we have gone past the industrial revolution and are in the stage where entrepreneurship has gained immense importance. We need products and engineers are the ones that come up with innovative solutions for different problems. So, we must target good engineers to bring out good entrepreneurs.

Enantra Team: Not only that CEG and ACT are two big campuses besides IITs and NITs. We have a brand name, so we take the first step in leading and being forerunners by defining the framework of  steps we are supposed to take in terms of entrepreneurship. We are pretty sure, the 600 colleges below us will follow soon.

GT: How does Capitalize help a student improve?

Enantra Team: It's about speaking, networking and working with people. Here what happens is students from different background work for a common goal that is promoting entrepreneurship spirit through Enantra. Here the basic thing required is making contacts and getting to know people.  When you go into the corporate world people from different culture work together for the common goal of the company. Sometimes you may not have the scope of bringing your ideas and implementing. But here things are different. Abullais came out with an idea called “Enstagram”, for which Enantra Team and I gave full freedom. Eventually the event became a huge success. It increased our instagram followers from 200 to 2000+.We let ideas grow. If anything is creative, we go for it promptly. That is what Capitalize is all about.

Enantra Team: Actually it serves as a platform for innovation and it gives freedom for trying out new things. It lets the students know how corporate industries and startups work outside. It enables the students know what kind of events happen. One can learn about networking, how to talk,  to sign an MOU and all such things.

GT: How is it working in Capitalize?

Enantra Team: Well, I was in event management in my first year. In my second year I joined team Enantra. Then I was in sponsorship and now I am here as President. It is a good experience and this is a club that really doesn’t look  from where you are coming and what you are doing. There are no restrictions and constraints as far as this club is concerned. You can do whatever you want if you believe in yourself, if you have the talent and the belief.

Enantra Team: It gives immense pleasure and fun working with people. For me it doesn’t feel like work at all. You know obviously we are stressed out with exams and routine activities. But here it gives me lot of energy.

GT: Describe about an unique experience working in Capitalize.

Enantra Team: In the first year, we both were in charge of the event ‘startup street’. It was 3 am in the morning, the stalls weren't even set up for the 8 am event. It was getting delayed due to some permission issues at the gate, we started getting tensed as it was our first time. We started yelling at each other. I'm that short tempered guy, when I get angry, I just lose it. Enantra Team was trying his best to chill me down, and that's the first time I worked with him. That's the reason we still have the chemistry. Because of that unique experience, we're still able to work as the president and vice president.

Enantra Team: I have a lot of experiences like that. One of the best things that happened to me is that I got placed in a startup.

GT: What are the domains in Capitalize and is it different from Enantra?

Enantra Team: Team Capitalize has 29 cores and right now Enantra has 54 cores. The team became bigger because we knew that Enantra had to be of bigger scale, so we had to make different cores for each event. Last time we just had the president, vice president and the cores of each domain. Right now we have 2 cores and then there's 3 different CCUs. One is in charge of relations, he does marketing and external relations. Mudit is in charge of events, all the 5 mega events and 12 mini events. Kavin is in charge of the operations. But in Capitalize we're different sectors working on the same ideas.

GT: Do you think Capitalize will cross another milestone after Enantra?

Enantra Team: Yes, we believe so. I have been here for three years. Compared to the first two versions of Enantra this time it is getting bigger.

Enantra Team: Definitely we hope for the best.

GT: How is the response from inside and outside the college?

Enantra Team: It has been really amazing. The thing is CEG and ACT are more aware of entrepreneurship and Enantra but the affiliated colleges in the far south have no such exposure. So our main aim is to promote entrepreneurship in those colleges and also make them understand that  there are various possibilities which they accomplish through this club and this event.

GT: What we can expect from Enantra this year?

Enantra Team: This time for the 6degree talks we are inviting Put Chutney team, Madan Gowri, Ria Sharma who is the only Indian to get the UNICEF award and has an organization for acid attack survivors called “MAKE LOVE NOT SCARS”. Like Au bazaar we will have a mini bazaar in the KP grounds.

The Guindy Times thanks Enantra Team (President, Vice President and the Cores) for their interaction with us. We wish all the best for a grand sucess at Enantra 3.O. 

The Guindy Times is also happy to announce that we are the official Media Partners for Enantra 3.O.

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