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CSAU's Internal Hackathon Round for Kavach - 2023

Date: April 10th, 2023


Kavach - 2023, a prestigious and newly launched national hackathon, focuses on solving cybersecurity-related problems. It is an honor for CEG to participate and coordinate the initial round of this groundbreaking initiative. Organized by the Ministry of Education's Innovation Cell, AICTE, the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) (MHA), and the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center (14C) (MHA), the hackathon offers students and startups a platform to submit innovative ideas and concepts.


The Computer Society of Anna University (CSAU) is a student organization actively involved in disseminating technical knowledge and awareness among students of CEG. CSAU ensures active involvement in improving the skills of its students through regular events and took great pride in conducting the internal round for Kavach - 2023, a first for both the hackathon and the university.


Teams could not register directly for the event; instead, they had to be nominated by the college's Single Point of Contact (SPOC) after completing the internal idea evaluation phase. The internal round followed the format provided on the Kavach website (kavach.mic.gov.in), requiring teams to submit their ideas through a PowerPoint presentation. A total of six teams participated, each comprising at least one female member and no more than six members in total. The presentations were conducted in a hybrid mode, allowing both in-person and online participation.


Each team was allotted 10 minutes for their presentation, with 7 minutes for the actual presentation and 3 minutes for questions. The panel of reviewers consisted of Prof. Ranjani Parthasarathy from the IT Department and Professors Arockia Xavier Annie and Vetriselvi V from the CSE Department. They provided feedback on various aspects, such as the practical feasibility of the solution, potential challenges, and refinements in architecture.


Following the presentations, teams had 48 hours to make necessary changes based on the suggestions received from the panel. Dr. T. Mala, an Associate Professor of IST, served as the college's SPOC and addressed any questions students had throughout the event.


All six teams that participated in the internal round were shortlisted for the grand finale. In Round 2, participants are expected to build and demonstrate their solutions, proving their ideas are technically feasible and implementable. The 36-hour hackathon, scheduled in July, will see selected participants from educational institutions across India offering strong, safe, and effective technology solutions. The winning teams will receive a total prize money worth INR 20,00,000.


Guindy Times, the official campus magazine of Anna University, would like to wish the nominated teams from CEG, the best of luck for the final round in July. We are proud to support and encourage the innovative spirit of our students as they showcase their talents on the national stage.

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