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CrossLynx 2022



At 11:30 am, the Triple Helix Auditorium was packed with teams and an audience for the technical quiz. The first round was an MCQ round and 4 teams were shortlisted for round 2. The selected teams were called onto the stage and round 2 commenced. Each team was asked a question and if they couldn’t answer, it was passed to the next team. The next set of questions were jumbled words and each team took a shot at rearranging them. The final round was a competitive rapid-fire round. There was a tie between two teams and one question was posed as a tiebreaker and the winners were selected. The event came to an end at 12:30 pm and students exited the auditorium for lunch.


The Event started by 11.30 am at the Lecture Hall in CLRI Facility. A small talk about designing was given by the institute scientist. The workshop consisted of two rounds, for the first round the participants were asked to design lifestyle leather products then for the second round the participants have create the previously designed in real life as actual products. The participants were asked to take consumer and commercial perspectives into consideration. First round went on for 30 minutes. All the stationary items required were provided. Then the designs were evaluated and out of the 14 teams participating, 7 were selected and were allowed to move on to next round. During this round the participants are given the leather, adhesives, and all other necessary things. This round went on for around 1hour. Then the products were presented and marketed for evaluation. The event was well organized, it was bubbling with creativity from the start to end. The participants gained knowledge about the process of designing and creating leather products. At last, a memento was presented to Mr. Senthil form National Institute of Fashion Technology, who evaluated the teams.


            On the 8th of April at 1:30 pm, the students of CLRI gathered at the Triple Helix auditorium for the technical debate. Mr. V. Prasanna Vishwanthan was the moderator for the day. He has worked at various leading leather technology companies like Balmer Lawrie & Co ltd and is currently a consultant at ProU India Engineering. He is also a prestigious alumnus of CLRI and has completed both his BTech and MTech there. The participants were welcomed onto the stage and the rules of the debate were announced by the emcee. The participants were thrilled when the debate topic, “Is practical or theoretical knowledge necessary to survive in an industry?”, was announced and immediately started jotting down points. For the next 45 minutes, teams went back and forth with well-grounded and rational points and time passed surprisingly quickly. Finally, the moderator concluded the event by saying, “Theoretical knowledge comes first from which practical knowledge has evolved”. He did not pick sides but frankly said one cannot exist without the other. The audience enjoyed the debate, and the event came to an end at 2:30 pm.


April 8, 2:30pm, Triple Helix Auditorium

Crosslinx ‘product design workshop’ called for innovative design of leather products. 5 shortlisted teams from various colleges presented their designs to the panel of judges. Design of Leather bags, Sneakers, Maternity belts, were some of the entries which were presented. The judges were felicitated at the end of the session.


Venue: Lecture Hall – 3, CLRI

Date: 08/04/2022

Time: 3 PM

            A marketing workshop had been conducted in the Centre for Leather Research Institute as a part of Crosslinx’22.  Around 20 people attended this workshop. Participants were split into teams of 2. Each team was provided with a white chart and notepad.  Their task was to advertise a joint venture. For example, “what would be your new product if Myntra and Microsoft joined together and how would you market the new product?”.  For this, participants were asked to create a poster in the given chart and they had to present it in front of the resource person within the span of 15 minutes.  Each team was provided with different joint ventures. After the span of provided time, participants started to present their new innovative products with their remarkable marketing strategies. The whole event was enlightening and filled with fun. This event ended around 4.30 pm.



            At 11:30 am on April 9th, the participants of the management workshop assembled at Lecture Hall – 2 CARE, CLRI. The speaker for the event was Mr Zulfiqarali Kamal, General Manager, Human Resources at AV Thomas Leather & Allied Products Pvt Ltd. He is a seasoned human resource leader with over 14 years of rich and varied corporate experience. He has provided operational strategy and functional leadership to organizations in the areas of recruitment training, development, performance management, etc. The students were made to choose from a list of topics which consisted of themes like quality management, product management, marketing management, human resources, inventory management, etc. and explain their selected theme to the other participants. Four teams were shortlisted for the next round, and a rapid-fire round was conducted. The winners were selected based on their communication, knowledge in their selected domain and overall performance. The workshop came to an end at 1:00 pm and the students exited the hall for lunch.


The students gathered at the Triple Helix Auditorium at 3:30 pm for the Valediction Program. First, the audience rose for the National Anthem. Then the Welcome Address and Valedictory Address were delivered. Then the winners of each event were called on stage and honored individually. The Vote of Thanks was delivered, and the program came to an end.






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