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Competitive Exam Series - GATE ECE


Mukund Murali
AIR 27



Mario Rithvik Miranda
Industrial Engineering



“In my third and fourth year, I felt like I was weak at my subjects and decided to write GATE to strengthen my basics and not go to the US by writing GRE,” says Mukund Murali, an esteemed alumnus of CEG who secured an AIR 27 in the GATE exam. Mukund completed his Undergraduate Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Integrated Circuits and Systems at IIT Madras.

Understanding the exam pattern and developing a well-planned approach was an essential part of Mukund’s preparation for the GATE exam. It is quite common to find students having a hard time balancing their college studies and competitive exam preparations. Mukund was no exception to that. He was brutally honest in mentioning that his first attempt at the GATE exam did not go as planned and says “My first mistake was not aiming for the top.”. But he was not fazed in the least by this. Instead, he took his time, prepared systematically for his second attempt, and made it through to fruition.

He also gave us a clearer picture of the abundant job opportunities available in public and private sectors for those who prove themselves in GATE.

“The preparation for this exam was a year-long journey where I discovered my passion for certain subjects such as circuits from where I landed into Integrated Circuits.” Mukund intends to take his talents into the industry, where people are currently expecting infinite features at a low cost. He invites the challenge and is eager to showcase his skills on the global stage.

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