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Club Orientation for Freshers - As It Happened

“Clubs in CEG are not a spectator sports, so let’s play”. With these words, the welcome mat for the freshers was opened as the first activity by the newly elected Students Association of College of Engineering Guindy, at the Vivekanandha Auditorium on 9th August 2016, between 1:30 PM and 5:00 PM.

The event was presented by the Joint Secretary of SA-CEG. The program of introducing the real CEG to the new “orange tags” began with the Welcome Address by Dean (CEG) Dr. P. Narayanaswamy and the Student Advisor Dr. Swamynathan, who proudly addressed the gathering with their thoughts on the dynamic clubs of our college.

The students were then introduced to the various clubs and organizations within the college by the volunteers, organisers and office bearers of the respective clubs as follows:

NSS (NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME): Only a life lived in the service of  others is worth living 
NSS is one among the compulsory educational and student-oriented programmes which inculcates the spirit of volunteerism and social service among the students through community interaction. A quick talk about the organisation was given by the NSS co-ordinator Prof. Arul Selvam, and an extended talk on the Rath Wheel symbol and the annual activities conducted by the organisation was given by the Student Secretary of NSS, which comprises 13 units in total.

YRC (YOUTH RED CROSS): The CEG chapter of the YRC is involved in community service with a specific focus on health issues
The objectives of the YRC are to impart a sense of discipline and formation of character to the students. A gist of what the organisation does toward the personality development of students was presented by the YRC volunteers.

NSO (NATIONAL SPORTS ORGANISATION): Sports do not build character, they reveal it
As explained by the Deputy Director of Anna University Sports Board, Dr. S. Sundarrajan, the CEG division of the National Sports Organization (NSO) works towards the development of sports and focuses on nurturing the athletic talent in CEGians who need not necessarily be a part of NSO. The NSO also conducts an annual camp to concentrate on intensive sport training for the attendees.

NCC (NATIONAL CADET CORPS): You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it
Testing the strongest minds and bodies of the freshers, NCC had already completed its selection process to become a cadet. Major Rajendra Boopathy shared a few words about the unity and discipline maintained by the most prestigious organisation of Anna University.

Following this up was the introduction about the various clubs, which encourage the non-mandatory participation of the students. Each club had its unique aspect to enthuse the freshers and inculcate unique traits within them.

LIT CLUB OF CEG: Reading is the sole means by which we slip involuntarily.The skilled members of the Literary Club seek to nurture the literary talents of students.

THEATRON: All the world’s a stage. The Black T-Shirts of Theatron entertained the crowd with their video and speech.

SRUTHILAYA: Official Band of CEG. Where words fail music speaks. A trio from Sruthilaya mesmerised the auditorium with their soothing musical performance.

MAATHAVAM: Veezhvadhu Naamaaga Irunthaalum, Vaazhvadhu Thamizhaaga Irukkattum. With a hilarious video promoting this caption, Maathavam impressed the crowd commendably.

THE LEO CLUB: Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing right things. With this motto, the Leo Club (which stands for Leadership, Experience and Opportuunity) focuses on enhancing the leadership skills of the students along with providing varied opportunities and experiences for all-round improvement.

THE GUINDY TIMES: The Guindy Times, the official campus magainze of CEG, ACT and SAP, came up with a video highlighting its presence as the media body across print, web and social media,  and made the gathering awestruck with their speech.

CAPITALIZE: The best way to predict the future is to create it. The white T-Shirts of Capitalize came to motivate the members on various dimensions of the industry to nurture the latent entrepreneurial talent.

QUIZZERS ANONYMOUS: I think, and therefore, I am. The quiz club of the campus is dedicated to orgazining various quizzing events catering to several disciplines from Science and Sports to Technology and Entertainment, and stands out as the team that has won several laurels for the college in the past with regards to quizzing.

ROBOTICS CLUB: By the time the Robots can dance more like human, we have the way we dance to be more like robots. With an untiring motive of pervading the knowledge of Robotics among the students, the Robotics Club conducts various workshops and courses through the year.

CSAU (Computer Society of Anna University): With the primary aim of enhancing students’ knowledge in the field of computer science, this club conducts various workshops and courses through the year, encouraging students outside of the Computer Science domain also to know about certain aspects of computer programming and coding.

SIRUTHULIGAL CHARITY CLUB: This is the philanthropic, extraordinary, student-volunteered club which provides financial aid for academic and medical purposes to students.

AAKRITI: Aakriti is the exclusive all-women club of women, organizing a plethora of activities pertaining to women empowerment.

GREEN BRIGADE: The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it, This is the only club that focuses exclusively on the environmental aspect, and the volunteers from this club do their best to preserve the greenery.

SAPTHAM: The official classical song and dance club of CEG invoked great excitement with their performance.

ROTARACT CLUB: The oldest club of CEG seeks to improve the leadership and professional skills of the students, with their trademark events already being endorsed by renowned personalities.

CEG TECH FORUM: The CEG Tech Forum was convened to nurture the scientific skills of the student populace. The forum also organises Kurukshetra, one of the biggest techno-management events of the country.

STUDENTS QUALITY CLUB: The Students Quality Club is a forum to empower the students to significantly improve their personal and professional effectiveness, with adequate stress on quality aspects like Six Sigma techniques.

TWISTERS: The official dance crew of CEG, with an extremely high reputation in the city for excellence in performance and creativity, the Twisters trains and encourages the interested with distinctive dance techniques.

SPARTANZ: Why so serious, when the Spartanz drive you frivolous? With this tagline, Spartanz, the official entertainers and crowd-pullers, played the last promotional video of the evening and impressed the freshers with a friendly talk.

The evening eventually ended with the registration for first years into various clubs, with substantial amount of enrolments.

To all the freshers reading this, the Guindy Times officially welcomes you all for a new curriculum and a new beginning. Nothing is too small to know, and nothing is too big to attempt.

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