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Club Founder Series - SQC

Dr. K. Narasimhan is an alumnus and an esteemed professor from the Department of Chemical Engineering, ACT Campus, Anna University. He has specialized in the field of TQM (Total Quality Management). He has published several papers in leading national and international journals. In 1995, he founded the Centre for Quality Management. Following that in 1998, he founded the Students’ Quality Club which a few years back, was renamed the Students’ Quality Council of Anna University.

SQC empowers students in substantially improving personal and professional capabilities by conducting innovative and creative programmes on quality management. It tirelessly works on moulding students as holistic engineers by providing knowledge on the latest trends, challenges, and requirements in the industrial sector.

Interviewer: Krish Srinivas. R(GT)

Interviewee: Dr. K. Narasimhan

GT: What inspired you to start this club at Anna University?

K. Narasimhan: Having worked in Tamil Nadu Industrial Explosives, I was aware of quality assessment and control over there. I always remember Kalam’s view of Vision 2020 thinking about the future generation and the skills they require to bridge the gap with the industrial sector. I wanted to inculcate quality management skills in minds of students. And hence, we started the Centre for Quality Management from the house of TVS. We conduct training programmes for students. As the fee is subsidised, we can rope in many students to embark on this movement of TQM. This club is open to all departments.

GT: How does the team of SQC work? What are the resources the club possesses to cater to the need of students?

K. Narasimhan: I am a tough task master. I always expect students to make use of this club during evenings and summer holidays. Though club empowerment is in the hands of students, frequent monitoring is done by a diverse team consisting of industry experts, senior academicians, and executives. We provide committee guidance to students. I introduced a model for learning TQM which has a duration of 6 semesters with 15 training sessions in each semester. Students can earn TQM qualification certificates while pursuing engineering. We have a library with TQM books and newsletters of companies covering all practical information on how to use the quality tools.

GT: How does the SQC train students in their career and what are the events carried out by the club?

K. Narasimhan: The SQC conducts pathfinder and orientation programmes for first-year students every year. With the help of students, we conduct annual conferences for industry enthusiasts. By bringing along companies for conferences and competitions, we offer live interaction of industrial experts with students. It is a learning experience for students as over fifty companies present live case studies. Q-Quest is a club event conducted annually, involving a wide range of events, workshops and lectures. It ends with an industrial visit and seminars.

GT: Can you share a few achievements of the members of SQC?

K. Narasimhan: Students of this club have excelled in many competitions and have settled immaculately in higher positions. Our student, Peter Martin Roy bagged an award in an essay competition conducted by the National Institute of Quality and Reliability. It is unimaginable to see a student writing an article on TQM and receiving an award for the same. I’ve had recruiters from various companies remarking positively on students belonging to this club.

GT: Can you share some memorable experiences while working in this club?

K. Narasimhan: Love and passion towards working in quality management in the club every day is itself a golden memory. It is impressive to see students taking responsibilities and opportunities, and immaculately executing their works. When Dr. Balagurusamy was the Vice-Chancellor of Anna University, the annual Q-Quest event went to an extent of inviting the former Governor of Tamil Nadu, P. S. Ramamohan Rao. It was a special moment to have the Governor in our club. We used that opportunity to introduce TQM as a mandatory core course in all departments. I also got an opportunity to deliver a lecture on TQM to the staff members in the Governor’s Office. It is impressive to have students assisting me with TQM-related activities amidst their busy schedules.

GT: Why do you think TQM is important in every aspect of life?

K. Narasimhan: Total Quality Management is precisely about customer satisfaction, and customer orientation. As W.E Deming, the father of Quality Management said “Quality is not mandatory if survival is not necessary.” You have to reach out and provide quality assistance to the customers. Without quality, there are no takers nowadays. It is beyond question, that there is no existence without quality.

The Guindy Times congratulates Dr K. Narasimhan for having found the Students’ Quality Council in Anna University. The Guindy Times wishes the SQC team all the best for future endeavours.


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