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Chemcon–An intensive interface with Chemical Engineers

Chemcon is a global platform that brings together diverse students, intellectuals and delegates representing companies and international organizations.

Conducted by the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers in collaboration with the IIT Madras, A.C.Tech and CLRI Chennai, this year saw the 69th Annual Session of IIChE at Alagappa College of Technology from 27th-30th December,2016.

More than 800 attendees participated in the event, including highly ranked scientists, engineers, researchers, policy-makers and legal experts.

This National conference was inaugurated by Mr. K.P.Anbalagan, Minister for Higher Education. The three day program was split into two sessions each day; the morning session allocated for speeches, presentations and general discussions while the afternoon sessions were devoted to group discussions, paper and poster presentations enabling participants to brainstorm on a variety of topics. 

Paper presentation ensured a clear understanding of discovering new sources of energy, the problems faced due to toxic chemicals and taking measures to prevent them. A lot of innovative ideas were put forward to make the chemical industries a safer place and encouraging the world to opt for clean and environment-friendly energy resources.The poster presentations provided an opportunity for participants to interact with several professionals in a more informal setting.

The objective of the Group Discussion session was to make the participants understand the necessity of energy, the social issues prevailing in the society and the role they could play to minimize its impact on the environment. Visuals supports were used to provide a better understanding of the different topics. 

The concluding session offered suggestions on how to apply the lessons learnt during the conference. At the end of each day, cultural programs showcasing the rich traditions of Tamil Nadu were organized by the students, much to the delight of the delegates. High tea with lunch and dinner was provided throughout the conference for everyone.

All in all, this year's Chemcon not only brought forth new ideas in Chemical engineering but also left the participants with a memorable experience.

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