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Behind the Sk!reens-An Interview with CTF's Tech Team |All about Kurukshetra 2020|


This series from Guindy Times gives insights about what it takes to organise Kurukshetra 2020 by interviewing 10+ teams

An Interview with CTF's Tech team

Interviewer: ROHITH S (GT)


The Tech crew of K’2020 is led by Gowthamraj from Computer Science Engineering , Venkatesh  from Information Science and Technology, Sivasankari G from Information Science and Technology. Here is the well organized interview with the Tech K!ores of this edition.

Interviewer: Could you introduce yourself for our readers?

Interviewee: Good afternoon, this is Gowtham raj from CSE department, Sivasankari from IT department and Venkatesh from IT department. We are the tech core at CEG Tech Forum and are maintaining all the back-end programming that are needed for the other 18 domains of CTF. We are the ones who maintain the programming needed for the other domains to run seamlessly.


Interviewer: Are things you do in and around the college, under the umbrella of Kurukshetra?

Interviewee: We are the ones who maintain the website for the tech events of Kurukshetra, and that's why we are also called the Web & Apps team. Our main work lies in maintaining and managing those websites. We have already completed the work on our website for this year. The address of the official website for Kurukshetra is https://www.kurukshetraceg.org.in. It also has access to events, workshop, K!arnival and sponsor details. It has been designed in such a way that any new participant will be aware of each and every detail regarding any event or workshop. 


Interviewer: What are the other roles that the tech team have in CTF?

Interviewee: Also, we manage other tech related responsibilities of the club like looking-after the e-mails, and rectifying any bugs in website.


Interviewer: How have you upgraded the website for K! 2020?

Interviewee: Up until last year we were using ‘rails’ (a web application framework) to develop our website. This year onwards we have upgraded to something called ‘node.js’. The main reason for this upgrade is the lack of resource availability in previous frameworks and to make the most out of the present technologies.


Interviewer: Could you explain the relationship between the tech team and other domains of CTF?

Interviewee: The registrations for the various domains happen from a website for which we maintain a separate UI (user interface). It aids in having a count on number of registrations for various events and workshops; we also have created an app called Participant Management which is helpful for managing the on-day event participants. So basically, we are directly or indirectly in constant contact with the other CTF domains in regards to registration and online marketing.

The Guindy Times thanks CTF K!ores for taking time out to answer our questions and the team behind Kurukshetra for arranging the interview. We wish CTF for their success with Kurukshetra'20.  


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