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Behind the Sk!reens-An Interview with CTF's QAC Team |All about Kurukshetra 2020|


This series from Guindy Times gives insights about what it takes to organise Kurukshetra 2020 by interviewing 10+ teams

An Interview with CTF's QAC team

It was after college hours and the CTF room was lit up brighter than ever, owing to the fact that the much coveted technical fest “Kurukshetra” is around the corner and the unit that keeps the clockwork running smoothly behind closed doors is the Quality and Control team. Here is an interview with Rahul Aravind M, from the QAC team, K20!

Interviewer: Anusha Karthikeyan (GT)



GT: In the days leading up to Kurukshetra 2020, what are the responsibilities of a QAC team member?

Rahul: The main focus is to get approvals from the respective authorities within our campus for conducting the fest. Apart from that, we have to get permission from certain officials from outside too, to say, from fire and rescue officials and police as well. We will have to make use of the spotlights in the campus, for which the permission has to be sought beforehand. The QAC team maintains the record of all the events and meetings that are conducted throughout the year, here at CTF. We check all teams’ flow of work and audit them from time to time. 


GT: How far back from the D-day do the preparations start?

Rahul: We start by recruiting members, which generally is done during the month of May or June. But there was a slight delay in the recruitment this time but this doesn’t make us lag behind in any way. In fact, there is very good coordination among the people. There is some work yet to be done, which include meeting our Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, and the Dean.

GT: What have you learnt from the ex-members of the team?

Rahul:  The seniors gave us a clear idea of what has to be done and what to expect on the day of Kurukshetra. This team witnessed only a few juniors in the past three years. I was the only one from our batch last time. Two years back, I helped them out in getting the permission for making use of the ground for an event. Seeing me having had managed to seek the permission on my own, they asked me to join the team the next year too. They appreciated my involvement and dedication.

GT: What do you think is a challenging part of the job?

Rahul: We are one of the busiest teams of Kurukshetra. There are many variables at play here in the QAC team. We will be the first ones to disclose any information about the entire fest and keep up with the time flow. We are the ones answerable to everyone about any mishap if it occurs and the only people who will be called if any confusion arises.

GT: Being an active member of CTF, how important a role do you think it plays in your résumés?

Rahul: Yes! A Letter of Appreciation will be given to all members who led various teams, every year after Kurukshetra. This will be very useful in the future. During the placement interviews also, interviewers were really impressed about a 21-year-old having some knowledge about quality control. It definitely adds value to our résumé.


The Guindy Times thanks Rahul Aravind for his time and wishes the QAC team all the best for Kurukshetra 2020.


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