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Behind the Sk!reens-An Interview with CTF's HR Team |All about Kurukshetra 2020|




This series from Guindy Times gives insights about what it takes to organise Kurukshetra 2020 by interviewing 10+ teams

An Interview with CTF's HR team

"There's nothing that HR doesn't know about", says Anmol Mira Sankar (a Student Director for the K! 20 team) of Biomedical department. Below is an excerpt from the interview taken with the team. 

Interviewer: Divya S (GT)

Interviewee: Anmol Mira Sankar,Aravind R and Mohammed Zia (HR core) 

Q : To begin with, what is the work of HR team?

A: HR’s main responsibility is internal marketing. So by this way, we make students know about CTF, the projects done and how it is working. Internal marketing campaigns are conducted across all three campuses (ACT, CEG and SAP). We are responsible for the juniors; splitting them up into different domains according to their preferences and supervising them. Other work such as distribution of certificates and T-shirts to juniors are also done by the HR team. In general, the overall management is carried out by HR.


Q: Why did you choose HR?

A: I've been in CTF for the past three years and I’ve been in other teams, but I found HR the most interesting, so that made me join here. 

Q: What is the added advantage of this domain?

A: There's nothing that HR doesn't know about. Right from getting permission to getting things done, HR plays a vital role in K!. When you are in other teams you get to know about only them, but in HR you are forced to learn about other domains too. So I consider this as an added advantage being in HR. 

Q: What are the difficulties you face being in HR? 

A: I would say coordination issues among juniors, late replies to messages are the small issues that come up. I always expect more from juniors. 

Q: How long in advance does the HR team begin to carry out tasks? 

A: Approximately three to four months in prior to K!, the team starts working. Other domains will have work either before the event or after, whereas HR works right from Day 1 until the event is completed. 

Q: Is the present working of the domain suffice for the success of K!?

A: Yes, of course the present working will be fine and will suffice for the success of K!

The Guindy Times thanks the HR team for giving us the interview and wishes them all the very best for their future endeavors. 

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