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Behind the Sk!reens-An Interview with CTF's Events Team |All about Kurukshetra 2020|


This series from Guindy Times gives insights about what it takes to organise Kurukshetra 2020 by interviewing 10+ teams

An Interview with CTF's Events team


Interviewer name: VASANTH(GT)

We are nearing that time of the year when one of the most important technical fests is about to take place. While we are all eagerly waiting to witness how the fest unfolds itself this time, let us also try to peek into the work carried out by various teams who are part of organising this event. Here is an interview with the student directors of the events team, Mahalakshmi and Mouli.

Q:Can you elaborate on the role played by your team in Kurukshetra?

A:We play one of the primary roles in the fest and hence our domain is one of the most important ones in CTF. We conduct about 35+ events on the day. With Kurukshetra going on for three days, we, along with the workshops, make Kurukshetra what it is. So we will have to start our work far back from the day of the fest.

Q:What do you think are the prerequisites to be part of this team and the things we acquire after having served in this team?

A:We expect students to have organising skills which are very preliminary. We would also like it if they could manage all the peer groups and ability to handle the on-day pressure with ease as people keeping buzzing around. All these things can also be developed after having been part of this team. But we basically consider their participation and interest to learn to be vital.

Q:How do you view an event when you organise it and how it changes when you participate in the same?

A:As an organiser you should be aware of every detail in regard to the event. Organising isn’t easy. You should also be vigilant and take care of everything including logistics and marketing. We should join hands with other domains too to get the work done. As a participant, we will be eager to learn something through our participation and there is no necessity to know anything about the event in advance. So we will be devoid of tension when we participate.

Q:Explain your relationship with other domains of CTF.

A:We mostly depend on many other domains in CTF. Mainly we need the support from the HR team as our work requires a great deal of manpower, IR team as we require many sponsors for the events.  We need the aid of Finance domain, the logistics team and the hospital desk as well, for the registration purposes.

Q:Does marketing play a key role in promoting these events or is the tagline ‘Kurukshetra’ enough? Also, can you explain your relationship with marketing domain?

A:We mainly depend on the marketing team for the promoting the events we conduct, even though everyone knows about the grandeur of Kurukshetra. We need the posters to be shared on social platforms for spreading the information effectively. And this needs to reach outsiders too as that helps in pulling more participants into the events. 

Q:How does it feel to be the core of the events team, knowing this is a one-time opportunity?

A:Right now we are just focussed on how to squeeze the best out of us to make the event a successful one. A great responsibility is laid before us and we don’t view it as additional workload. Whatever we have done so far is out of our own interest. And we could see some changes in our attitude after having come across many people in the team and having had socialised with them. In short, it is an amazing experience!


The Guindy Times thanks them for their time and wishes the team all the very best for this upcoming fest.

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