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Behind the Sk!reens-An Interview with CTF's Design Team |All about Kurukshetra 2020|


This series from Guindy Times gives insights about what it takes to organise Kurukshetra 2020 by interviewing 10+ teams

An Interview with CTF's Events team


Interviewer name: Krish Srinivas(GT)

The Design team of Kurukshetra is led by Jagan from Printing Technology, Jai Sharath and Shakthivel from Media Science department. Here is an interesting interview of the Design Crew- the frontispiece of Kurukshetra.

Q : What are the prerequisites one must have to enter design team of Kurukshetra?

A: For entering the Design Team of CTF, all one needs is creativity. In addition to the creative skill set, a little knowledge about Illustrator, Photoshop and Video Pro are enough. If a person has creative skills and is interested in design work, it is more than enough so we can guide them in the design crew.

Q : The design team is regarded as the face of Kurukshetra. What would you say to that? 

A : It is very apparent that the design team is regarded so because it is the posters that make the students and outsiders aware of the festival. They are the ones that create impact on students to participate in an event or workshop.

Q : What are the important elements while designing a poster?

A : Design team deals closely with marketing on online platforms. So, more than including large texts, the poster must look in such a way that it attracts the attention of the viewers. The designer needs to stick to minimal description and concentrate more on the logo, title, time and location. 

Q : Can you tell us in brief about your work right from the time the team has been formed?

A : At the initial stage, we concentrated on preparing introduction posters and brochures. Following that, special posters for K! Talks were made ready. Now, currently we are in the process of making posters for events and workshops, and posting them in social media platforms.  Making T shirts, ID cards and badges will be the next course of action.

Q : What are the challenges faced by the design team? How do you split the work among yourselves?

A : We have 20 juniors (third years) to support us. Initially, the core heads will split up and discuss the individual core work. After that, we, the design crew heads, will split the work among three of us and also to our juniors. The main challenge we face is time constraint. As Kurukshetra is round the corner, we are in the process of designing a few more posters for events and workshops.

We, The Guindy Times wish Design Team and the entire Kurukshetra team to have a successful K!2020.


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