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Be Your Own Inspiration

Inspiration is a very familiar word to all of us. Some may have had one constant inspiration from the very beginning. And for others, their inspiration may change from time to time. Inspirations may be different for different aspects of life, or may be just one person. Heroes, martyrs, social workers, dancers, parents, friends - literally anyone could be a source of inspiration. Our inspirations are often based on what we are passionate about. Somehow, the idea of looking up to someone is so deeply etched in our minds that we constantly feel the need to look up to someone for even simple tasks. From being punctual to building a career, we all keep saying to ourselves, “I want to be like them”. But I wonder why we don’t say “I want to be better than what I was yesterday"?

Honestly, it's amazing to be inspired to lead a lifestyle like someone who is already successful. It helps you stay driven and gives you a framework to work with. However, it is equally, if not more important to realize that life is a result of one’s struggles. From the circumstances one has been through to the opportunities and resources at one’s disposable, life is truly unique to each of us. So, while it is remarkable to set goals and try to imbibe qualities of the people who have reached those milestones already; only you can discover the path to achieving it yourself. And the effort you need to put in to get there, is relative to you and your circumstances.

Life is all about growing, and that includes shedding a bit of who you were, in order to develop into something beautiful. This includes facing your struggles head on, overcoming endless challenges and jumping over every obstacle life throws at you with perseverance, hope and passion. You succeed only when you defeat what pulls you back, which is more often than not, only yourself.

You must defeat the part of you that succumbs to criticism, the part that is bogged down by pessimism, the part that falls prey to fear and weakness. You must learn from yesterday’s trials and wake up each morning, ready to tackle the next day. Nurture yourself, for your life is yours to own. Be your own inspiration. You’re the only one that has seen yourself grow into who you are. Believe that you’re worthy of everything that the world has to offer; and every day you will find your biggest inspiration looking back at you in the mirror!

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