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Asuran- Movie Review

Cast:Dhanush, Manjuwarrier, Prakash raj, Aadukalam Naren, Pasupathi, Teejay and Ken.

Music :G.V.Prakash

Director :Vetrimaran

Plot: A lower caste family is on the run after the hero’s son kills an upper caste man. Will the father be able to save his son?

Review: 'Asuran' is based on the famous novel “Vekkai” by Poomani, a famous Tamil novelist . Although it is not possible to expect any book-based movie to have the same impact as the book itself, Vetrimaran's take on the story itself coupled with his choice of artists is commendable. Sivasamy, the protoganist is not just portrayed, but seems to come alive through Dhanush's above the par acting . The chemistry between Vetrimaran and G.V.Prakash brings the movie to life and leaves you with a real life simulation effect. The quality of BGM complements the intensity of every scene, promising awards and appreciation in the near future. Everything about this movie - be it the fight scenes, beautifully choreographed by Peter Hein or the cinematography and even the dialogues make this movie a truly wonderful work of art.

The movie really hits a note home, when Dhanush delivers a dialogue about the power of power to his son. Numerous movies have been made around caste discrimination and untouchability, however few have created an afterthought. Asuran is and always will be an example to show how an impact creating film should be made. What Pariyerum Perumal was to 2018, Asuran is to 2019 - in terms of fame, pride and true embodiment of cinema excelling in all its aspects.

One line verdict    : A Simple but very Powerful film.

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