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Are you prepared to be ready?

"Are you ready?" and "Have you prepared?" are frequently asked questions that don't necessarily have the same answer. Ready and prepared grossly seem to mean the same, but a thin line of difference is what sets them poles apart. Just ask any student heading for a public examination (being that time of the year). You wouldn't be surprised to hear different answers.

So, what's really with these two words? Based on the dictionary, ‘prepare’ means to make ready for a specific future purpose; to set up, to assemble, while to be ‘ready’ means to be prepared for action. It seems simple, doesn't it?

But the more I look at one of these definitions, the more they seem to complement one another. With furrows on your forehead, note this though: A person may prepare thoroughly for a long time, and yet fail. So, was he/ she not ready or not adequately prepared? Well, theoretical definitions aren't everything, are they?

"One knows when he is ready only when he takes charge," says Steve Jobs. The way I understand it is that only when what was being prepared for comes to pass, does one know whether he/she is ready. Readiness is a state of mind. Tim Cook (Steve's successor) said, "People can help you prepare, but only you can leave yourself ready." As we progress through ranks, being ready is of utmost importance.

This, however, doesn't mean we can cast aside preparation and consider it trivial. We all encountered that one question in an exam which we overlooked while learning, haven't we? And yet, we would’ve thought of ourselves ‘ready’ for the same exam, isn’t it?

Making every day count is of great importance, as time is of the essence. Comprehensive actions concerning scenarios and a clear headspace determine the outcome of your readiness. 

So, are you ready?

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