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Vidhaigal - a special event for differently-abled children was conducted by NSS UNIT 2 on 21st February 2020. Mr. Mogli K. Mohan – CEO of Art Studios graced this occasion. Here is a short interview with the well experienced dramatist and actor Mohan.

Interviewer: Krish Srinivas(GT)

Interviewee: Mogli K Mohan

Q: 1- Can you share a few words with us about your career and its growth?

I started my career as a gym trainer. Later on, I founded the E-Art Studios in Virugambakkam – a training school for mime artists. I was also a part of the big screen and played small roles in various films in the Tamil industry. Initially, I began my career penniless, starving for food. Now, I am in a position to teach 90 students and make them exhibit their inherent acting skills to the world. 

Q: 2-What is E-Art Studios all about?

We have performed more than 1000 shows till date across the globe. A troop of young talents actively participate and perform mime shows, variety shows, shadow plays and drama for various cultural events. E-Art Studios is a renowned institution for budding actors to fine tune their acting skills and broadcasting activities which will expose them successfully in media. E-Art studios successfully produced and handed over many promising new faces to Kollywood and other media industries.

Q: 3-What encouraged you to found E-Art Studios? 

After having stepped into the film industry, I realized that I have the ability to teach and explain things clearly that will enable people to learn and accept them. I acquired acting and miming skills that I wished to transfer knowledge of to people who wished to shine in the field. 

Q: 4- Can you share your experiences working on Bakrid which released in 2019?

Bakrid is one of the special movies for me which gained me a lot of appreciation. The story is about a fledgling farmer who accidentally comes into possession of a camel calf. The movie is set in Rajasthan. I played my role as a lorry driver’s assistant. To make myself eligible to act in the film, I had to lose 10 kilos and portrayed well as a lorry driver who is in charge of the camel. Director Jagadeesan Subbu was very much concerned in giving me the role and I hope that I had stood up to his faith and played my role well.

Q: 5- What experience does a mentee get in your training school?

Those who have a passion for acting will inherently have the skills. As a mentor, it is my duty to fine tune the skills so as to set them in the right path and also to make them aware of what and what not to do. I am very much cautious and concerned in teaching students about human values and respecting fellow beings for they are one of the good traits of a budding actor. I will ensure that my mentee gets enough potential to proudly say that my mentor has molded me into an aspiring personality.


The Guindy Times thanks Mr. Mohan for taking time to participate in this interview for us.


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