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With the motto to improve the campus-community linkage across barriers and turn the spotlight from a shocking, dark nightmare to better and bright dreams, the office bearers and volunteers of NSS Unit 4 organised Aatral, which saw its first edition in CEG this year.

Aatral - an initiative by NSS Unit 4, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, which was organized on 28th February, targets the students deprived of a proper education and provides an opportunity to assimilate soulful minds to do selfless services in the span of their teenage years. Reconciling quantitative growth with the pursuit of quality is one important criteria to reach a high point of success in any event. Prompted by the recent statistics of reduction in teacher-pupil ratio by seven percent in government schools, the NSS Volunteers of Unit 4 took up the job of seeding them with good behaviour in disguise with pleasure. The students were kept engaged with events conducted throughout the day. One important goal behind Aatral was to bring up the inner dexterity in students and make them discover their real felicity towards. To soar high into vast sky of possibilities that they can avail outside home and school is also what they aimed to sow and cultivate in them.

The inauguration was held in Room No. 85, Red Building which was presided by Mr. Chelladurai, Sports Board Chairman along with the NSS coordinator Prof. Arulchelvam. Then, Prasanna Kumar, Joint Secretary of NSS Unit 4 presented a gist about the events in Aatral after the lighting of Kuthu vellaku.

This was followed by students arriving from four different government schools within the city. The students were taken to different events inside the campus according to their classes. There were eight different events with prelims and finals to symbolise the importance of NSS, social service, environmentalism and good habits. The students who were not a part of finals were encouraged with fun events in Vivekananda Auditorium. Lunch was provided to all school students as well as NSS Volunteers.

Following this, the valediction of Aatral happened in Vivekananda Auditorium with the Dean Dr.P.Narayanasamy, NSS co-ordinator and Chief Guest Harish Mehta. They honored not only the winners of each event, but also the overall championship to a school with an eye-catching trophy. After a series of speeches given by the guest, NSS coordinator and the Dean, the vote of thanks was presented by the General Secretary of NSS Unit 4, who summarized the success behind initiating Aatral.

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