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AACEG Elections 2021

Anna University and its constituent colleges CEG, ACT, MIT, and SAP get its recognition from the accrediting rating bodies based on academic research and other measures including the important roles of research, teaching, and infrastructure. Another key element that is taken into account in the various measures of rating, is the quality of the alumni network and alumni involvement and engagement with the college. The alumni rating must also be presented to the NAAC body by AACEG.

Fortunately, CEG has one of the most vibrant communities of Alumni spread across the world. The Alumni Association of CEG abbreviated as AACEG is 96 years old and has over 30,000 members, making it one of the largest alumni associations. 

The main drive and motive of AACEG is to give back to CEG which provided the students with everything. Every two years, AACEG holds elections to elect EC members, and the election for the coming term is scheduled for September 25th, 2021.

Two programs are conducted for students: career guidance and soft skills. Mock interviews are also conducted to ensure that students can handle the pressure in real-time scenarios. AACEG has also instituted an incubation center which can be a launching pad for students to pursue their projects and start-ups. AACEG sponsors many of the college fests like Techofes and Kurukshetra regularly.

The brand value of a college is nurtured by the present students’ and alumni’s contributions. The institution's brand additionally adds value to alumni's resumes and makes it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to find funding.

A good Alumni Association requires committed office bearers and EC members, who can work collaboratively and think creatively to increase interaction with the students to aid them in becoming industry-ready. Therefore, the responsibility of choosing an appropriate and capable team falls on the shoulders of every alumnus.

On the 25th of September, alumni members are required to be physically present at AACEG for the election process. The election features 77 candidates. There will be a vote to choose 29 members for the EC. Finally, the office bearers will be chosen from the final 29 candidates. 

The Guindy Times wishes AACEG all the best in its future endeavors to improve collaboration between current students and alumni. 

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