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A Ligue - Intra college Football event

A-ligue is an intra college football tournament of Anna University.Totally 5 teams are participating in this tournament. They are, 

1. Faking Phantoms

2. Net Busters

3. Dribbling Demons 

4. Juggling Giants 

5. Soccer Hooligans

This tournament has been conducted since 2013 by the players of  the college. Students from CEG, AC TECH and SAP campuses can participate in this tournament including the passed outs. The team splitting is done by virtual money based auction method. Each and every player who got registered for the tournament , will be allotted with a certain base price amount depends on the quality of the player. 

Owners and Icon players of a team can participate in the auction and bids the players. A team can spend a maximum of 1 lakh of virtual money to build their own team. This year also the auction has been organized  and the tournament gets started successfully. The history of A-ligue, 

Year: 2013

Winners: Dribbling Demons

Runners: Soccer Hooligans 

Year: 2014

Winners: Net Busters

Runners: Faking Phantoms 

Year: 2015

Winners: Soccer Hooligans

Runners:  Faking Phantoms

The main objective of this tournament is to develop the personal football skills and to provide a wonderful exposure among the juniors. This tournament is a great opportunity for juniors to learn many things from seniors . This is seven a side tournament being played only in half of the football court. Every team should have  atleast  16 players in their squad at the end of the auction. Among those 16 players only 7 will be allowed to play at a time. Each game will be comprises of 20 minutes each half and a 5 minutes of break time. Any number of substitutes can be changed at any time during the play time. This tournament is conducted solely depends on the sponsors from the passed out seniors. Separate Jerseys will be provided for every team. All matches will be conducted only on the weekends and holidays.

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