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Out of nowhere, a rustling sound was heard from a bush amidst the greeneries. Gathering enough guts, Alex took a step forward towards the bush holding a flashlight in his right hand and a sharp stick that he had broken off a tree, a while ago, in the other hand. The sound became intense as he moved closer to the bush. Suddenly he heard a loud cry which appeared to come from a few yards away. Distracted by that cry, Alex started running towards it to find out what had happened. As he took a few steps, the sound stopped and a nasty sense of creepiness entered his mind. He turned back and shined his flashlight behind only to see an inhuman and fiendish figure that terrified him. It was a vampire. Horrified, Alex ran fast as he could before he crashed into something solid and transparent. It seemed like an invisible barrier and he couldn’t pass through it. Trapped and scared to hell, he turned back and realised that the vampire had given up on him. He sighed heavily and decided to find a way out of that place. As he started walking, in no time, a herd of unicorns appeared before him. He stood there awestruck by their beauty for a few minutes before they vanished the same way as they appeared. He came back to his senses and started moving. He just couldn’t remember how he got there in the first place, no matter how hard he tried. He kept walking till he reached a denser part of the forest. He was constantly urged by an obscure feeling in his head to keep going forward. So with the help of two sticks, he started clearing the way for himself and as he reached the end of the path, he found a humongous castle in front of him. Reluctantly, he entered the castle through the draw-bridge. Alex gave out a cry of horror as he saw a severed human head hanging on the chandelier, in the hall he entered. He rushed back to the entrance only to find it closed. No matter how hard he tried, the door would not budge. With no options left, he decided to probe the castle. He climbed up the stairs with his hands on the wall and his eyes fixed on the severed head as he reached the next floor. He encountered a little room. The moment he opened the door, a swarm of bats flew past his face leaving him with multiple scars; with the biggest of them all on his left elbow. The room was clearly empty except for a little statue near the window. He moved near it to explore it. Alex let out a gasp of horror as the statue moved, but before he screamed, his head was severed by the pike of the statue which was actually a Redcap.

Alex woke up with a jerk. It was only a nightmare, he said to himself. Having sensed an intense pain in his left elbow, Alex glanced at his left elbow, only to see a big scar there!

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