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4 Golden Rules

We glimpsed the main functions of our body in the earlier article of this series. Now, we will see the four signals notified by our body that we need to obey for healthy living.


Hunger is the basic feeling of life that drives us every day!

The primary rule for healthy living is only eating when we are hungry.

Our body can accept food only when it needs it. Food taken otherwise accumulates as waste and adds a burden to our body's waste removal process. Eating more than our body's requirement leads to profound health issues and food wastage.

How do we know what is required?

If we closely sense while eating, we shall notice that we will get a feeling to stop after eating the required amount. If we continue to eat, the taste (pleasure) reduces, soon making our stomach heavy. We can take that as a signal and stop taking food further.


Every living being must go through the routine of rest and sleep. During sleep, our body undergoes detoxification (wastes removed) and gets recharged.

We have a biological clock ticking inside us, which works according to the sunrise and sunset.

As youngsters, we have cultivated a habit of sleeping late and waking up late. You may even feel tired after sleeping for a fixed duration. The reason behind that is we don't allow the body to do its function during the scheduled sleep time.

Research says that 11 pm to 3 am is the compulsory Deep sleep time. We must go to bed early such that our deep sleep falls in this time. Another thing to keep in mind is that our body should be deprived free from other works during this time (Even Digestion). That's why we ought to take food early in the evening. A good sleep gives a refreshing morning.

Good Hunger and Sleep are signs of good health!


Drinking a lot of water is one of the fitness mantras we might have come across from childhood.

But, is there a measured amount we need to drink every day? 

No, not at all. 

The water requirements differ from each person's body condition, which is conversely dependent on many other factors. Most of the water intake required for our body is taken care of through food and some additional requirements. Hence, we need to drink water when thirsty, and no other drink can substitute water.


There is a saying, 'Change of work is rest!' which is true.

We need rest when our mind/ body is tired of doing something. It differs with each person and time. A person standing for a long time feels good when he sits and, also a person who sits for a long time feels good when he stands. A break from the mundane work schedule can do a lot for you. The joy of going back to work after a long holiday comes from the same principle.

All these factors entirely govern our body and can hinder our health and lifestyle when not taken care of.

Hope you listen to your body for a Happy Living!

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