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Threads: An Instagram App

How many apps are too much? Do we really need more? Is it necessary or is it a marketing strategy? These are the questions that came to me, the second I heard about this new app, “Threads by Instagram”.  

Apparently, threads is the new twitter, with the influencers and gen-z era shifting their focus to this new app. What faces does this app have? 
This giant had emerged to be a massive feat in the social media world, outshining chat GPT and with a user count of 5 million, it continues to grow with every passing second. The main moto of this app is to brew up conversations where the public can join in and share their views. You can join with your Instagram account and have a shared following. You are automatically assigned a thread account number, depending on when you join the app. The catch is that, if you decide to delete your threads account, your linked Instagram account gets deleted as well. 
Threads app works, based on Fediverse, which is basically, a loose alliance of decentralized servers, also including third parties, that can share data among one another.

This is just the beginning of this app and its assured that it will evolve over time with user input and reviews.

More than millions of memes, tweets and so to say threads, have been posted regarding this app. Many people have decided to stay away from this and a ton have joined the band wagon. Interesting thoughts are being shared and its not too long until we see a multi-dollar business insight. 
What does threads truly hold for us? Will there be new apps that Instagram might release as a competition to Whatsapp and Youtube? Where is the world of social media leading us? Only time will tell….

Until then, will you be joining this trend or are you on the backseat for now?

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